Stuck in the Mud

While I feel obligated to apologize for being remiss in regular postings, the truth is I am not necessarily sorry.  I have been stuck up to my eye ballz in the mud – and loving every stinkin minute of it.  Springtime is my most favorite time of the year and I have been spending most of my time outside tending to my yard and plantings.  I have been tending to lil miss P, who up and turned 5 on me and finished preschool.  I swear I was squeezing that motor mouth out just yesterday.


What else?  Oh yeah, had a momentary brush with greatness in the form of the ever fabulous Mary McDonald.  ‘Brush’ meaning that she mentioned me on FBSay what?!!!  Apparently she picked my question out of some posed on FB and answered it on the Schumacher blogSurely this means an invite to dine at her house with Nathan is forthcoming.  

Other happenings?  Mucho cooking, lots of patio perching, flower arranging, and copious amounts of warm weather shenanigans in the form of fruity cruise drinks.  And by fruity cruise drinks I mean wine.  No time for extraneous ingredients when I am getting my relax on.

Sorry for the interruption but I have been busy enjoying life. I have lots of recipe sharing to do with you folks.  I haven’t even been reading blogs. *Gasp* 

What’s been going on with you?

kisses,  mrs. V  


Linda {Calling it Home} said...

Shut up! If Mary sends you a holiday card I will be so jealous. I can't believe you plant seeds. Way to go...I gave that up years ago. I was not given the gift of patience.

Kim said...

You make me smile ... exactly what you should be up to! Homemade pimento Cheese, I am all about that in the summer!! Enjoy your life missy! xo