Friday Fun Nuggets and Some Chez V Love

Happy Friday!  So I have a few fun nuggets to share with you today. First, I promised you kind folks the great story about locating the elusive Ranarp sconces for my ORC bedroom.  If you will recall from this post, both Elizabeth from Little Black Door and myself were feverishly hunting for them as they were sold out EVERYWHERE. Well pretty please with sugar on top kindly head on over to Little Black Door for Fess Up Friday to hear our story about locating the coveted Ranarps through the kindness of strangers!

Next up, my ORC bedroom is being featured on a little house tour over at Julia Ryan, the brilliance formerly known as Pawley's Island Posh. Um, major!   Please go check it

Moving right along, the lovely Linda, blogger extraordinaire of Calling It Home and mastermind behind the One Room Challenge tagged me yesterday on one of those THINGS YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT ME kind of posts.  So I need to get on that pronto.  Maybe two posts in one day?!  Oh who am I kidding – all this love is going right to my big fat head.  Answers coming soon!

So, yes, I'm feeling pretty legit right about now with all this Chez V love because I have massive respect and admiration for these uber talented lady friends.  To be featured on their blogs is huge for little ol' Chez V. Forgive me the humble brag!  This ORC has been a lot like The Giving Tree, just keeps giving and giving.

And finally, to pass the love on, I was so happy to hear that Scot Meacham Wood is getting an editorial of his swoon-worthy home in the December issue of House Beautiful.  Seriously.  This man can layer a room like no other!  And that wall color!  Gah!  What a design talent!  So well deserved Scot!  Can not wait for mine to arrive in the mailbox!

So again, Happy Friday folks!  Go spread the love today!

kissesmrs. V


Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

You deserve every inch of praise my dear. :)

Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

you deserve to be amongst greatness, never forget that.

and that last photo is KILLLLING me. i want to live there. and walk around in smoking loafers and a cashmere throw over my shoulders. oy.

Carrie said...

I'm a new follower and am glad to see all the love you are getting. You have oodles of talent and a fun "voice". Enjoy!!

Julia Ryan said...

Can I please officially change my name to "the blogger formerly knows as Pawleys Island Posh" That rocks my world and screams of celebrity ;)

Rebecca { MyDarlingHouse} said...

Congrats on your feature doll! Your room is freakin gorgeous and everyone should see it!!

Missy Minicucci | The Rinfret Group said...

congrats on ur feature- love the tartan room above... adorable! new follower! xx m

Unknown said...

Your style is so Scot Meacham Wood, and the best! You deserve every bit of the props! xo Nancy