One Room Challenge Fall 2017 - WK 4

Hello folks!  It’s week four of The One Room Challenge™ - and I’m happy to report that we officially have paint on the walls.  I can assure you this is a first in the history of all chez V ORCs. Woop!

And speaking of firsts, for the first time  EVER, The One Room Challenge team has decided to extend final reveal day by a week to accommodate delays due to the natural disasters leading up to the ORC.  Many designers are experiencing shipment delays, supply shortages, and backlogs of scheduled trade work. Can I get a collective Vicki Gunvalson woo hoo-like woop? I am overjoyed to have an additional week as I was just lamenting last week about not enough time or moola.

Speaking of which, to get caught up on my first 3 weeks, you can click on the links below:

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As for progress, here goes:

My daughter’s room finally got emptied.  All contents are spread hither and yon within our house and we have yet to successfully locate a clean school jumper once this week.  Ceiling fan has been removed and relegated to the trash heap, much to my mister’s dismay. What is it with men and ceiling fans??

As implied last week, the original pink choice was kicked to the curb in favor of Farrow and Ball’s Peignoir.  What can I say? The Dervish got her purple after all. Well, here’s what I can say – Peignoir is decidedly more pigmented and sophisticated than the pink.  After staring at swatches on the wall for about a week, we all kept coming back to Peignoir.  So purple it is.  But for the record, I am referring to it as ‘lilac.’

It's been gray and rainy for days, so the lighting is dark but you get the general idea.  During the day the color hovers closer to lilac and in the evening leans toward a pinkish gray - which, surprisingly, is what I was going for.  A fleshy, pigmented pink rather than pepto pink or uncooked hot dog.

Here is a crappy cellphone daylight image.  The walls here are more pinkish:

Regardless, I am officially in love with the color and immediately started pulling items into the room – the desk, painted a minty color, and the desk lamp, both purchased at Home Goods.  Next, I shopped my house looking for accessories – a small oil painting of a mother and daughter that my mother gave to me for my first apartment which is now absolutely perfect in this room; a small pair of purple tinted Staffordshire pups from my collection, again surprisingly perfect here, and one of my favorite vintage chinoiserie plates, the colors of which just sing against the walls.  It’s quite possible the girl might have a plate or two on the wall.  I cannot fight my granny chic ways.

This week I also started pulling apart the desk chair in preparation for upholstery as well as pulling together the supplies for the relaxed roman shades.  Will go on record here to say that I am officially nervous about tackling the shades so the extra week has me all shades of happy for some added breathing room.

As of today, here's where we stand:

Feeling mucho better about things with the extra week, although I am still targeting photography for the 6th.  Best laid plans of mice and a silly decorating lady.  Once I finish the trim paint this week, I will actually bring in the rug and the new bed.  Desk chair and roman shade are slated for this weekend but I also have to whip up a unicorn costume from thin air and dust bunnies.  So wish me luck.

Excited to catch up with the 20 designers this week to see how that extra week of reprieve is playing out as well as my fellow guest participants.  You should check them out too!

Thanks to Linda for saving our collective arses with the Hail Mary and thanks to media sponsor House Beautiful!


Kate Collins said...

Love the paint color - it was meant to be and such a pretty soft shade of lilac. The extra week is amazing!!

mollie's mom said...

Oh my gosh! The color is fabulous. I love the accessories that you are starting to pull together.

House of Pemberley said...

I so love this. I KNOW it will be epic - just like everything else you do.

Vanessa@decor happy said...

Love the paint colour and the roman shade fabric. Yippee for the extra week! Now, maybe I have a chance to finish. Good luck getting everything done.