Annual Halloween Bash

The annual Halloween bash happened this weekend.  Good times all around for both the littles and the bigs.  Kudos to my cuz for hosting another great party.

my stepfather surprised everyone by showing up as the crazy gorilla
yours truly as Marcel Marceau

P traded in her normal monster gig in lieu of a pink pirate

a clown swooning over a card bandito?  who knows.

Luigi and Pink Piratepants are more than a little leary of the gorilla.
Bonnie sans Clyde

our parties are never complete without the obligatory pinata

All photos and layouts by mrs. V excepting a few that I cribbed from my sis
kisses,  mrs. V

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alison giese Interiors said...

Awesome! Giant props for your creativity in the costume dept. The best I've ever come up with is shark-bitten surfer.