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Because Every Gal Needs More Zhush

For those of you looking for the regularly scheduled programming of all things Chez V I apologize for temporarily shanghai-ing this platform for blatant promotional purposes.  Momma has got to hustle.  I promised my local folks previews of the goods that I will have available at my Open House next week.  The other day I previewed some of the LA Plates stuff and today it is jewelry.  So I get it if you duck and run elsewhere with your morning cuppaSide eye.  OR, you can stick around and see what you will be missing.  Wait, I take that back.  You won’t miss a thing.  After all, just because you live in Waukesha Wisc or Dahlonega GA, that shouldn’t preclude you from all the fun.  If you see something you like, love, just gotta have, well then just send me a little love note.  If the preliminary FB excitement is any indication, then ya might want to be quick about it.

I will be previewing some of my curated selection of vintage costume, estate, and sterling silver pieces over the next few days to give you lovelies a little tease of what you can expect at the Open House.  Next week, I will preview more of the ever popular etched glass stuff along with some fun new things. 

Today’s preview is all about getting that J. Crew zhush for less.  Even better, these pieces are one-of-a-kind vintage pieces.  You won’t see your zhush on every other coed’s neck.  Now on with the peep show:

My little magpie heart is so ga ga over the jewelry that I have selected for this Open House.  Seriously, I want to hoard every piece for myself.  But the mr. seems to think it’s high time I pulled some weight around here.  Rude.

Doesn’t he know that I am a lily that is in need of perpetual zhushy gilding?

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kisses, mrs. V

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