Giving Thanks and a Chez V Open House

Getting things together for this year's table

Hope your Thanksgiving holiday was all kumbaya and stuff.  Holidays can be hectic, especially for a stress mess like myself, but I have so much to be thankful for this year.  Even though 2012 will likely go down in the books as a bummer year for the Chez V household, some really amazing things have happened too.  Like this blog, for instance.  Can you even believe that I am still at it? Trust me when I tell you that that is no small feat for a person who is allergic to stick-to-it-ness.  So thanks to you, whomever most of you are, for coming by daily for a visit.  I promise to keep at it.  Hopefully better than before.

Mixed things up a bit this year using Villeroy & Boch and Limoges

Whilst I am in a giving of thanks state of mind, I must give thanks to a few folks that put me on the map, as it were, this year.  Thanks to Scot, Jenny, Alison, and Linda.  You know why, and y’all are awesome sauce in my book.

Continuing on in the spirit of small business Saturday I am encouraging any of you local Tri-State folks to come out to my Chez V Open House on Wednesday night.  I am a teeny tiny small business and I am so thankful to the folks who have helped support this little passion of mine.  It really matters.  As in helps to pay for medical bills and such. Big harry deal in a house in which neither of us is technically nor officially employed.    So thanks for that too!

Here is the deal for the rest of you non-local folks.  I have been getting a lot of questions about whether I have a website or catalog for the stuff I make and share via my various social media handles.  The answer is ‘not yet.’  Remember the whole teeny tiny small biz thing? Yeah, small.  So, if you like anything you see, just contact me here or shout at me via FBMost of my business is custom orders that come via word of mouth.  Think lots of etched glass monogramming, customized gifts and stationary that are perfect for the holidays, housewarming, birthdays, hostess and such.

He is Born urn

monogrammed pillows

Joyeux Noel hurricane
monogrammed beverage bottle - my fav item of the season!
I use mine all the time

But the fun does not end there.  Most recently I have delved into vintage, costume, and estate jewelry.  Helps to have an aunt in the antique and jewelry business!  So I have curated a truly fantastic one-of-a-kind collection to showcase at my holiday open houses.  Statement pieces that are even more chic today!  Stay tuned as I plan to continue to share those finds here at Chez V as well!  

love these two pieces

Wouldn't you be blue without these two?

Tomorrow I will share more pictures of available jewelry pieces.

All photos by mrs. V
kisses,  mrs. V

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Linda {Calling it Home} said...

Great jewelry. It is a bit of a drive from NJ...next time.