Little Details Tell a Larger Story

Alright.  We are just going to move right past the fact that I haven’t blogged in a few and get right to important things.  Details are on my brain - well, anyone who knows me well knows that details are always on my brain.  But right now, as I go back through my over large archive of magazines, poring over past holiday issues and devouring the new ones, my eye keeps returning to the little details that elevate a room.  Likewise, considered details caught my eye in the latest online releases of Matchbook and Lonny.  This is my take on what details worked and why...

The next few images hardly need an introduction.  Ever since the home of Mark D. Sikes first graced the cover of the Dec/Jan 2012 issue of House Beautiful, I have been a woman obsessed.  I will never tire seeing images of his West Hollywood home and Lonny’s most recent coverage does not disappoint.  This is one house that I could move right in and not change one single detail.  There is the right mix of everything that I adore:  natural elements, animal prints, Chinoiserie, stripes, masculine and feminine touches, gold, and copious amounts of blue and white.  His blog is equally perfect.

The considered casual elegance that Mark and his partner, Michael Griffin, have created no doubt make a guest feel immediately welcome, and in fact, probably feel right at home.

For me, the attention to detail is reminiscent of Scot Meacham Wood's home, seen below.    I imagine walking right in to Scot's to find a libation at the ready, and pick right up in the middle of a great and entertaining story. Who wouldn't feel right at home here, as well?  Don't ya just know that you would have a jolly good time.

In this regard, great design is less about design and more about the details that tell the larger story of the way in which we really live.

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kisses,  mrs. V

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