Christmas Tree Porch Canopy

I believe wholeheartedly in ‘better late than never.’  Admittedly, I was a little tardier than my normal tardy with Christmas decorations this year.  We have a tradition at Chez V of putting up the tree and decorations on the Friday after Turkey Day but this year was a different story.  And to think I had grandiose ideas for decorating this year with you lovelies in mind.  Alas, the best laid plans of mice and men…

But never you fear, I did finally get the tree up and I was able to execute at least one of my large marge schemes.  At long last!  I call her the Christmas Tree Porch Canopy.  This is the second time I have rocked this lil lassy and she’s even more fantastical than I remembered.  

The first time I did this was on a freezing December weekend back in 2004 when I was living with my sister.  mr. V and my sis helped me the first time – you know back when mr. V was still my fiance and up for anything so long as it impressed me.  Let me assure you those days are looooong gone.  So what took 3 of us one weekend to complete the first time, took me 2 weeks to do this time because I was Hans Solo and insanely busy with work.  I should say that this go ‘round mr. V did give me the go ahead, albeit begrudgingly (because I have been threatening to do this at Chez V ever since that first execution), and he did build my frame.  But no help for the labor intensive part which is weaving greenery, lights, and ornaments on a 20’ by 7’ porch ceiling.  Side eye.  

lots of this...

went into this - the frame with chicken wire

same view - completed

Not going to sugar coat it – this is a total pain in the arse.  It’s a lot like climbing up a ladder, bending in half backwards with a craned neck and up stretched arms to attach a sprig of greenery, climbing back down the ladder, moving the ladder a few inches and doing it all over again.  Times 50,000 times.

Pieti loves to photo bomb

I can not take one ounce of credit for the idea – only my execution.  I got the original idea from a 2004 feature of Lawrence Adkins and David Dempsey’s Atlanta bungalow in Cottage Living (RIP).

with lights on

Totally worth the shredded hands and herniated spine.  I walk out on the porch each evening and feel like I am under a huge Christmas Tree, dreaming of sugar plum fairies or red soled shoes…

kisses,  mrs. V


MFAMB said...

that is amazing. something i've always wanted to have my husband do. see what i did there?

Eddie Ross said...

I love your decorations! So beautiful and festive. Happy Holidays!

E + J

jroe said...

What a stunning idea and execution!

I am shocked you do not have mroe comments but think it is because it took me several minutes to figure out how to comment. Found you via MFAMB.

The only thing worse than putting it up is taking it down. But it is amaaazing!

Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

thats just fantastic!!! what a wonderful way to decorate for christmas