Happy Birthday to Me, You're Welcome

Today is my birthday and rather than bore you with all the things that I will never get, I give something to you instead...

My sister and I visit with Santa in 1983.  Messy Marvin meets Ralphie much?!  And that Rick Springfield concert tee?  Wore it every day as evidence of my first rock concert.  Bah!  The real crime here is that our mother actually cut our hair like that.  As in, she’s a hair dresser and willingly cut off my hair.  Then stood by while I chose the most masculine pair of glasses.  Ever.  And then let my little sister follow suit as is the case with littlesI also blame her for soap poisoning.

So, Happy Birthday to me.  You know what sucks worse than looking like Ralphie?  Having a birthday in December that gets folded into all the holiday shenanigans.  If you want to remain my friend, never buy me a combined birthday/Christmas gift. Ever.

kisses,  mrs. V

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alison giese Interiors said...

Ahhh....Happy BELATED Birthday! Hope you were treated right!