Talk About Pop Culture

Seriously.  We must discuss this.

I am obsessed with these two.  I stumbled upon this train wreck of a show a few weeks ago.  I am blaming the asses responsible for inventing the month of February.  In Ohio, no less.  February beats my mojo down something fierce.  After months of shitastic weather, come February I resemble a shut-in person.  So after exhausting my DVR and everything worthy of viewing On Demand, I was left with Big Rich Atlanta.  I wanna hate it like I'm supposed to hate gluten and cheese.  But I am a woman obsessed.  I am as obsessed with these two girls as Minaj is with every freak on Idol.  No judging.  Purple wine teeth, too many Outrageous Brownies, and February in Ohio does something to a person.  And it is not something cute or funny.

I'm gonna knock you out

so pretty without makeup

Also pretty without makeup

It’s official.  I’ve done gone and lost my mind.  Spring you better get here quick before the possibility of comatose blonde extensions and wearing Lady Gaga shouldermapad dresses to the grocery seems like a great idea.

kisses,  mrs. V


Kim said...

It's too cold ... you need to get some sunshine in your bones. You'll be over this soon!!! xo

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I love a white trash hot mess...I need to check this out. The days are starting to get a bit longer and we turn the clocks in less than two weeks...hang in there.