Brown Thumb

Successfully killed both of my fiddle leaf figs.  Sad but true.  Nothing left but sad little brown sticks where once there were beautiful waxy leaves.   That’s what I get for following the design flock.  Should have known my brown thumb would show it’s true colors.  I can  maintain outdoor plantings just fine but my indoor plants seem to always suffer from neglect.  I simply forget to water.  Or in the rarer case of the figs, I over watered them when I first got them and they promptly began a slow decline into hibernation and eventual demise.  My first instinct was to run back out to Ikea to pick up some more but I stumbled across this specimen on the 50% rack at Lowe’s and it called out to me.  It is already in a stressed state from over watering so I figured my skimpy attention would be just the sort of attention it needs.  At $10, I am not going to fret if I kill it.  I sort of love that I have a specimen standard that is not as predictable as a fig.

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kisses,  mrs. V


The Pink Pagoda said...

Good luck -- I can relate. I'm in shock that my ferns from last summer are still alive!

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

I kill all that is green too. My husband won't even let me buy any more plants. He insists they commit suicide when they see me.