Life at Chez V - A Story in Pictures

First things first.  Hello to some new faces!  Feel free to poke around a bit.  I think you will find that there is always some sort of situation happening around Chez V.  What you see is a very close approximation of what happens behind the scenes IRL.   A lot of what I do every day is borne out of my need to simply create and a desire to elevate my everyday moments.  That and the fact that I am crazy inspired by beautiful gestures. As a result, most days you will find me creating something, whether it is a gift for someone, a piece of art for myself, or a wonderful meal for guests.  It’s just what I do.  All the time.  So today I thought I would give you a glimpse from the archives because pictures tell a far better story of life at Chez V than I ever could. 

photo by Merrilee Luke-Ebbeler

As an incurable perfectionist, you will likely find me worrying over details.  Never mind that I might look like I am in pain, really I am insanely happy worrying about the pursuit of perfection.  Like the saying goes, it’s not even a little bit about the destination, but rather about the imperfectly lovely and chaotic journey getting there.  The details are the fabric of my life.  And as such, I am always going to worry those details into something special and significant – hence the tag line ‘perfecting the art and aesthetics of living.’  Life isn’t always beautiful and it is certainly never perfect so a lot of the time I fall hysterically flat on my arse and short of my aim but I hope you will stick around for the antics as I continue to share our life at Chez V.

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All photos and layouts by mrs. V unless otherwise noted

kisses,  mrs. V


Sadie + Stella said...

I love fresh flowers and will never get over pink either gurl!

Kim said...

What a fun post and what a talented Woman you are!! Love all you shared today ... I nice recap of you!! You have just motivated me more!! xo

Cattle and Cushions said...

I found you via the pin that spawned a thousand pins!

Love your bloggy - I am following you now. I love your style! :)

Three Sisterz said...

I always thought you were the coolest, funnest girl ever but this lil' ol' blog of yours really just cements how cool and fun and dynamic you really are.

From EmDog to Mrs. V.....

xo Court

Cheryl said...

I spent yesterday reading your archives, from the very beginning till your nothing short of stunning kitchen reveal. I absolutely love how you started this blog and I'm bummed that I wasn't on board from the beginning because I would have assigned myself your personal cheerleader. I'm so glad you are getting the recognition that you so richly deserve today. There is no way you could possibly describe yourself in 5 words, and this post clearly illustrates that. The wood block prints? The outdoor landscaping? Your entertaining/table style? Your pisser of a daughter (I loved the apple from the tree post, hilarious)? I'm going to try to wrap this up, maybe I should have just emailed you, but, I too live in a rather small cottage. It is in the "Hamptons", where I am surrounded by the big classic oceanfront estates, and the more obnoxious McMansions. I have made my peace with my more modest home and wouldn't trade it for the world. You inspire me to no end.