Grilled Steak With Arugula & Rose Sangria

I post this grilled steak and arugula salad on Instagram about every other week because during the summer months we make it all the time.  Super tasty, super easy, and a super sneaky way to get the mr. to eat salad.  This is also one of my go-to entertaining recipes because it’s a crowd-pleaser.  Every time.  It’s about time I shared it with y’all because it’s perfect for your Father’s Day cookout!  We prefer ribeyes because they absorb the marinade really well but you can use whatever cut you prefer.  Last night we used strip steaks because they were on special at Whole Foods.  And because I super love you - the Rose sangria of my Instagram/FB fame.  Getcha some and toast the papas around you!

lump charcoal is the only way to go - trust

recipe adapted from MSL

Happy Father’s Day, mr!


MFAMB said...

steak shmeak. girl you know i scrolled down to the sangria faster than amanda bynes can hide a bong.
what the hell kind of GD melon is that? honeydew? canteloupe? crenshaw?

Kim said...

Okay, I am not a cook. So could you just stop by and cook this up for me tomorrow ...? and then we could visit awhile before you have to go back to your own family!! Wanting to be you! xo