Oh That Snarky Quinoa

Have you seen this on Pinterest?  Am I the last to know?  I had something else entirely planned for today’s post but a wise woman sent this my way and I just. couldn’t. stop. laughing.

Quinoa is ironic

but also pragmatic

and in spite of an inflated sense of self we love her

because she farts and poops glitter

so that her elitism is oft forgiven

Her complete willingness to go there

and there

coupled with her altruistic heart

helps us to overlook her consumption

but Quinoa's piccolo playing cousin and his cock are still my favsies

Check it.  The kiddie pool version of this.

kisses,  mrs. V 


Kim said...

I was not familiar with either of these ... I am belly laughing all by myself at my desk! Thank you for being inspired to share ... both of them!! xo

KellyMellyBoBellyBananaFanna said...

omg. these are awesome. i had not seen them on pinterest yet. (yes, i live under a rock. named aston.)