Fresh Blueberries Scream Crumb Bars to Me

We have been taking major advantage of all the seasonal produce, both from our little garden and nearby farms.  What to do, what to do when faced with a quart o’ fresh picked berries?!  Make blueberry crumb bars, of course.  O.M.G.  So good.  So easy.  Run right out and getcha some fresh blueberries.  Make.  Bury face in the middle.  The end.

Of course these are perfect for 4th of July but they are so tasty that  they are good any ol' time.  Last year I was preaching about how perfect this was for the 4th and it still is but so are these bars which can be made ahead.  Win. We may or may not have eaten some of this for breakfast during this photo op.  

And by ‘we’ I mean me.

kisses,  mrs. V  

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