The Beginning

the beginning…
So after much goading, I am taking the plunge into blogland.  Although I feel it is only fair to forewarn you.  I am not exceptionally witty or smart or creative.

I just love lots and lots of things.  And I get really bored if I am not dreaming up some delusions of grandeur about my next fantastic project or the unending pursuit of perfection around these parts  or a super fab party with perfectly executed and photographed details that will surely land me in that rarified atmosphere of the greats.  You know who they are.

The reality is that at best I attempt some of those things and actually pull off others and take deep liberties with  the inspiration that I find in the blog world.  Most of the time my ideas aren’t my own and they never even get off the ground and if one manages to take flight then I am 99% sure of finishing 80% of it.  Welcome to my very Vanderputten life where I am constantly seeking the next great thing even before completing the last great thing that is already soooo yesterday in this nanosecond blogworld that we live in.

kisses,  mrs. V

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