The Food Chronicles - Sugar Cookies with Buttercream Icing

Easter’s On Its Way…

Ever a glutton for punishment, I headed back into the kitchen for some more baking chicanery.  I will not give up the ideal of the perfectly iced sugar cookie.  Each and every time I have high hopes that this is the time that I will end up with MSL photo worthy results.  And every time my hopes are dashed to the kitchen floor along with most of the powdered sugar…

As I have said before, it is not the sugar cookie.  It is the dad blern icing.  I have decided that royal icing is a royal pain in my ass.  I am sticking with my wind-up buttercream icing.  Sets up beautifully like royal icing and tastes much better.  mr. V actually said these looked good when he got home.  I’ll take it as his typical response to my baking resembles a loud guffaw.

I envisioned some beautiful pastels for these.  Of course my first bowl of tinted icing closely resembled baby poo, again. You can see it in the back there.  Not good.  I kept at it and I suppose this faded pink will do.  I was going to try for a pale yellow but I feared that it would only look like vomit.  So white and pale pink it is.  And a few sprinkles for the Monster…

my dogwood is blooming!  Easter is on its way

Good Friday, everyone!

All photos by me

kisses,  mrs. V

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