Tales From the Projects - Chair Makeover Update

Fanny is Nekkid

as they say in the South.  We successfully disrobed Ms. Fanny this morning. Which means progress is happening at Chez V.  Noteworthy b/c us two Sagittarians typically move like snails. Fabric has been purchased.  Paint has been selected.
notice the dirt and debris where two seams came together.  ewwwww.

As we were pulling off the seat bun fabric, mr. V asked if I had Fabreze on hand.  ‘Yes, why?’  To which he replied, ‘because the foam will likely smell like stale cigarettes and farts.  Old lady farts.’  Before I could even get the laugh out he made a soft pfffffffffttt sound.  

Seriously, I fell out.  Down to the ground laughing.  Because farts are always funny.

A gajillion pulled staples and two blisters later and that little hussy is finally nudey mcnude. 

All photos by mrs. V
kisses, mrs. V


Three Sisterz said...

omg! i'm seriously dying! fart jokes are always funny.
you are just as funny in a blog as you are in person!
and you're replacing the foam, yes?

mrs. V | Chez V said...

Farts. Ha. See, always funny. We are patching the foam.