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Momma Needs a New Weave or Three

It’s been WEEEEEEKS since I’ve had my hair did.  The dark rutz are almost past the point of no return and I can practically sit on my hair.  So, not a good look.  It’s also been WEEEEEEEKS since I’ve switched out my runners.  This magpie tires quickly.  Soooo…looking for something brightish and bossy to replace the milquetoast Ballard runner that currently resides in the kitchen.  And I am just plain over the one in my hallway.  These Persian weaves are some strong contenders…

I have two favs but I am interested in your opinion.  As a reminder, here are the current sitchs.

sadly, we are stalled again on those banquette cushions.
mr. seamstress has to work. rude.
(they are black faux leather with green welt.)

I plan to paint that teeny console and address
that sad, sad light fixture if SpendyLockdownGate ever ends

Which one(s) strikes your fancy?

All layouts by mrs. V

kisses, mrs. V


my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you said...

i am partial to one and five.

and where did you get the faux black leather. ia m looking for some faux green leather. or pink. or blue.
or black.

mrs. V | Chez V said...

me too.

I got the faux black leather at Fabric Shack located in Waynesville OH about 30 mins. from me - where I purchase most of my fabric.

Fabric Shack has a great selection for great prices (similar to L&S)- my faux leather was on sale for $12.99/yd - a TOTAL steal. It's about 30 minutes from me which is great b/c I prefer to touch and feel fabric before I purchase. I am also in the hunt for green for a pair of chairs so if I find some there I will let you know.

There is a picture of one of my cushions with the fabric here: