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Let’s Play Pretend – the Holly Go-Lightly Version

These light fixtures have caught my eye.  You know, for times when I like to play pretend that money is no object.  And during those delusional times, I shop 1stdibsBecause when we are talking stupid money, why would I buy something that everyone else has?

Clearly my love of brass knows no end.  I would find places for each one of these.

1 – 70s Swerve / 2 – Ribbed Vessels on Lucite / 3 – 70s Sexy Beasts / 4 – Rotating Console Lamps / 5 – 60s Billy Haines style / 6 – Rembrandt Parrot Lamps

Since these are clearly my boozy Gilded Age daydreams, I see no reason not to further gild the lily.

1 – Empire style gilt / 2 – 40s Italian gilt tole crystal  (perfect for Pieti's big girl room) / 3 – Antique Frenchy Swan goodness (if bling ain’t your thang) / 4 – 60s Austrian beaded business (if you are looking to get your Meares on) / 5 – 40s French Peachy Keen crystal (for that dressing room that I don’t have ) / 6 – 19th Century French crystal (would be lurvely in a kitchen over a marble topped island )/ 7 – French Art Nouveau (for a nod of masculinity) / 8 – Baltic style badass (for that inner oligarch)

Each of those Unusual Suspects promises a spin on the expected of-the-moment options.

1- 40s Hollywood glam (like diamond studs for my hallway) / 2 – Bronze and crystal flush mount (a little crowning sexiness for my dark bathroom) / 3 – Italian industrial (a kitchen alternative to those predictable industrial pendants) / 4 – Hand-blown Latticino glass leaves (for a modish balance in my trad LR) / 5 – Lucite antlers (the glam girl’s version of chalet chic – or as my cousin likes to say, the bomb titty bow wow - for my beamed tile room) / 6Audoux Minet 50s rope chandelier (to scratch that 50 shades itch of all things rope) / 7Bakalowits crystal sputnik (another option for the hallway to cast crazy rays)

Sometimes you just need to make a simple point.

1 – 70s neoclassical style sconces / 2 – Bronze zodiac lamps / 3 – Eric Cohler Armillary Sphere*  / 4 – Chart House Leaf and Arrow Chandelier*
*From Visual Comfort not 1stdibs.

Because who doesn’t appreciate a well-hung form?  Hmm?

1 – 60s Artemide enameled metal & glass (a good alternative to the ever present Hicks pendant) / 2Capiz globe pendant (another good globe alternative to the Hicks) / 3 – White opaline glass pendant (the polychrome decoration is so interesting) / 4 – Arts and Crafts milk glass pendant (another great option for kitchen pendants) / 5 – Japanese brass globe (in my tiny entry) / 6 – Vintage Moravian Star (would be super cool in a small dark bath)

While I am busy daydreaming, I never forget to pretend that I also live in Palm Beach.

1 – 60s Maison Charles sheaf lamp (a femme version of a bouillotte lamp)/ 2 – Italian floral lamps (add delicate symmetry to a parson’s style console) / 3 – John Rosselli Alyssa chandelier* (a graceful note) / 4Maison Jensen palm tree floor lamp (for some serious Palm Beach flair) / 5 – Italian gilt metal bamboo (for a Ruthie Sommers style sunroom) / 6 – Sheaf of wheat lamp (perfect for that accent table)
*From Visual Comfort not 1stdibs.

Let’s not forget some lovely lady lumps and pleasing forms.

1 – Bari Ziperstein ceramic bust (a glammy whammy) / 2Desimone table lamp (for an artsy Cubist style swerve) / 3 – Frances Elkins tree form floor lamp (originally made for Elkin’s daughter!) / 4 – Plaster drape lamps (like lovely gowned ladies – great for a fashionista’s office or dressing area) / 5 – French opaline lamps (another shapely form – these would inject a burst of color)

I feel the same way about Chinoiserie as I do brass – my love knows no bounds -  a timeless element in any room.

1 – Tea cannister lamps (every room needs some black) / 2Tole bamboo chandelier (for even more Ruthie Sommers flair – but I would swap out those shades) 3 – Italian pottery monkey lamp (a dose of Palm Beach Regency) 4 – Antique Imari lamps (same feel as Chinoiserie) / 5 – 60s porcelain lamps (quintessentially Chinois-y) / 6 – Chinese blue and white vessels turned lamps (would compliment my growing collection)

Sconces add the perfect mood lighting and symmetry.

1 – 50s Italian Arteluce sconces (a pair would be everything over a bathroom vanity) / 2 – French bronze and ormolu lion head sconces (for a serious note) / 3 – Italian antique sconces (there is no substitute for real patina) / 4Arrodeluce attributed sconces (for some Palm Springs swagger a la David Jimenez)

When you need a dash of color, blue is a classic choice.

1 – 60s blue glass lamps (l want to channel Christy Ford!) / 2 – 50s Marbro Italian lamps (because I can never get enough blue and white) / 3Scandanavian glass lamps (Christy has multiples and so must I!) / 4 – French opaline (so good had to share again)

When all else fails, fake it until you make it.  A little crafting could yield similar results.

1 – 50s Earthenware lamps (for those chevron lovers – Danika could do these lickity split) / 2Tole bouquet lamps (colored card stock or spray painted thin metal) / 3 – Italian ceramic lamps (an easy project for thrifted lamps)

Happy Monday.

All layouts by mrs. V
kisses, mrs. V


alison giese Interiors said...

Those Venetian glass (blue) ones. *Sigh*
Yeah, when you dream, you dream big, and I LIKE it!

alison giese Interiors said...

PS - Your design boards are gorgeous. I so need some skilz in this area.
Would you mind emailing me about what program you're using, how you learned it, etc?
I would be indebted!

alison g.

Wendy said...

Of all the fabulousness happening here, I love the Italian pottery monkey lamp from your Chinoiserie section the most. I love, love, love monkeys! Almost as much as I love cats. But, for some reason, decorating with monkeys is far more favorable than decorating with cats...I suppose cat decor does symbolize a plunge into the abyss that is "crazy cat lady" territory.

I know you hate cats as much as I love them, so if you stumble across any amazing cat lamps, feel free to brighten my day by sharing :)

my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you said...

this is my all time favorite game to play. right behind go bake mommy some brownies.

mrs. V | Chez V said...

followed by put the little to bed, do the dishes, and open another bottle for me...ah, playing pretend is fun.