Trouble Spots in My House

Things I’m Afraid to Show You

Naomi of Design Manifest designed this AMAZING dressing room -
I need something glam to display my shoes

This is why I can’t sleep at night.  I see beautiful images of lovely spaces and immediately begin to loathe my trouble spots.  Just like my big hips and overlarge ta tas, I have trouble spots in my house that drive me crazy insane.  Spots where misfit things go to rest indefinitely, much like those pesky extry calories in wine and cheese.  rude.

The cause for self-loathing and insomnia is not born of jealousy but rather my sometime inability to just frickin do something about those spots.  Laying off the cheeseburgers, for a start, would be good.  Running a mile or two here and there wouldn’t hurt either.  But so would organizing my ridiculous pile of shoes or making a damn decision about fabric or stepping out on mr. V by calling an electrician to properly wire those dangling tv cords. 

Seriously, I look at and talk about design related things every single day.  Occasionally someone will even ask me for my opinion.  But I am often embarrassed that I my own spaces are not where I want them.  The reality is that I can not afford some of the things that I want to do and I am ok with waiting until I can.  But other simple things sometimes don't get done because I am crippled with design indecision.  Or just too dang lazy.  But today is the day to come clean much like the psyche cleansing Things I'm Afraid to Tell You post.  Without further ado, two trouble spots that I am afraid to show you... 

Trouble Spot #1 - pile of shoes and paint samples that
have been there for 3 years.  3 years, people.

Trouble Spot #2 - this narrow room has lots of issues -
starting with that terrible couch which is my ONLY concession to my husband's relative comfort - I LOATHE it with every fiber of my being

I am officially over myself and my inability to get out of my own damn way.  I am blaming the disappearance of naps in this household.  I’m off to shove that pile of shoes back into a teetering monolith so that I can slide the closet door closed.  A girl has to sleep.

All  images by mrs. V unless otherwise noted
kisses, mrs. V

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