Kitchen Confidential

This is the plan anyway.  A starting point, really.  Stretch your imagination to envision an L – shaped banquette, half of which you see here.  Next, pretend that the black faux leather cushions with green welting, that you can just make out if you squinchy up your eyesballs, are totally complete.  If you can do those two things, then you are well on your way to understanding the foundations of the eat-in portion of my kitchen.  

Perhaps you remember when I said I was going in a different direction with Chez V.  In terms of the kitchen, that means finally finishing this banquette and hopefully (when the mr. isn't looking) covering the back wall in a great patterned wallpaper.  My love affair with Martinique has not ended, but I am thinking perhaps this paisly from York could be a contenda!  My kitchen has had many incarnations, the remnants of which you see with the random things still hanging on the walls.

Currently we are using an old farm/work table that was my mother’s.  Love that thing but it is too unwieldy for the space.  In order for folks to get comfortably into and out of the banquette without exposing their nether parts, an oval shape table (preferably a pedestal) is a must.  Not to mention that cleaning under it and accessing the storage under the banquette is a total pain.  For that reason an oval marble topped Saarinen tulip table has been on my wishlist for years but I am thinking of pairing an old Duncan Phyfe with modern-ish chairs.  I think the contrast of the dark, traditional table against the modern white banquette and chairs will create some nice tension in the room.

I currently have the pagoda mirror, the Duncan Phyfe table, the Ikea chairs, painting, chandelier, woven shades, the hide rug, and the wide green wide stripe fabric.  Everything else is a place holders of sorts.  A similar runner will go in between my butcher block island and the sink side of the kitchen.  Will needs lots of pillows for the banquette - Furbish and AriannaBelle are great sources for them.  Because here's the deal, this is one of my favorite spots in the house.  It gets great sunlight during the day (where I like to drink coffee and read my magazines) and when I am entertaining, people are always in the kitchen anyway.  So this huge banquette will offer lots of comfy seating.  I want to do some sort of statement piece in the opposite corner where the plant is now and ever since seeing Lindsay Reid's house in House Beautiful I have been hankering to put a vivid lamp on a pedestal.  Looking for a comfortable yet smallish upholstered host chair.  And you know I am gonna slam a monogram  and some animal print on it.  

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kisses,  mrs. V


Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I can totally envision this. I love it. My only concern is that the double pedestal table is sturdy and not wobbly when kids lean on it, as they will.

mrs. V | Chez V said...

Great point! Not only that but probably won't be nearly as forgiving with markers and paint. eek!

Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

oh oh oh oh oh dying to see this transformation. oohhh im so excited.