Mary McDonald Madness

As I mentioned yesterday, I had a rather good scouting excursion the other day.  I found so many things that I want/need/have to have immediately in my life.  Well, maybe need is a strong word but I am fairly certain that if a certain mirror does not find its way to my kitchen wall, a part of me will die inside.  For real.  That very Mary McDonald part of me, you know the part that is equal parts glamorous, witty, more is fabulously more, I'm comfortable slamming things on the wall, get me huge blue and white porcelain jars as tall as my head right this minute, I slept in the guest room because I was too drunk to make it upstairs part of me.  That part of me will wither up and die inside if I don’t figure out a way to make that mirror mine.

Mary McDonald

gotta get it - for my kitchen wall above the banquette

See what I mean?  I mean.  And then there’s the baronial ice bucket, the red chinoiserie dragon panels, can’t forget about those Palm Beachy paint by number numbers I found last week, the glam glam brass light fixture.  How about the burlwood console with the fantastic hardware?  The list goes on and on.  In my manic-induced frenzy the other day, I felt a little like Mary at Peter Dunham's store - I absolutely needed two of everything. I've since come out of the manic ether but still can't get these things out of my head.

bar cart, duh

I would find a place, period.

would look great in my kitchen but probably tile room to
replace a very sad gallery wall

Hallway - with globe bulbs

Considering using the base for TV console

Phone pics are bad, I know, but trust that these things are faboosh.  In order to make some of these things mine, I must sell some stuff.  I have too much stuff.  Hoarder 2.0 much stuff.  Just like Mary. Need to part with some things.  Here’s where I need your help.  Should do I the Craigslist thing?  Should I do a garage sale?  Should I offer up items here?  I can’t really ship an armoire or a sideboard but local folks could arrange pick up.  I have some nice things – both antiques and newer items.  So I feel like I should share the love.

What say you? I would love to hear what you guys think.   Any of you have any luck with any of these avenuesGonna be honest – I think Craigs is creepstar.  Sure, people claim to have found great things via Craigs but between you and me, urban legends.  Every one.
But I need a fix for my hoarding habit.  Need to find a way to sell some things so that I can get more things.  Let me qualify that statement by saying that I am moving in a different direction with Chez V so I am not just hoarding to hoard, mostly.  Like Mary says, if only I could somehow manage to appear to have loads of money, I would be considered eccentric rather than the reality of being poor-ish and called insane hoarder lady.

Happy hoarding, folks!

kisses,  mrs. V


Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

um that burl console for the TV is KILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLER! i love that

mrs. V | Chez V said...

It is beyond - Bethany. To think I nearly walked right past it. The top is nothing to write home about so I didn't bother looking down at first. Then I stopped dead in my tracks. And it is a STEAL too!