Sally Wheat Interiors OKL Sale

Big fan of Sally WheatEver since learning of her via Cote de Texas, I have come to love her fresh take on the Houston Look.  She takes the tonal thing, embraces it and then throws it squarely on its head by injecting bright and shiny with a side of vintage swerve.  Lady’s got some nitrous under the engine.  She is having a OKL sale of which I completely forgot.  Luckily I happened to jump on the OKL site today and beheld all of her lovely wares, most of which have been rightfully snapped up.  Love all of her choices but these really caught my eye.

Shocker.  Animal print, art, brass, more animal print, guild, lucite, random plaster bust and pink.  No surprises here.

All layouts by mrs. V

kisses,  your favorite one trick pony aka  mrs. V


Unknown said...

great picks from OKL!

mrs. V | Chez V said...

Thanks Erika! Hard to go wrong with any of her choices.

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I really want those cats!

swheat said...

So fun! Some of my favorites too! :)

mrs. V | Chez V said...

Get out right now! *blush* I want two of everything, Sally! Great job and thanks for visiting.

KellyMellyBoBellyBananaFanna said...

mmm, those end tables. yum.