Friday's Flowers and Gratitude

Happy Friday.  Friday for me is always about flowers and spiffing up the joint for wknd festivities.  Momma always gets fresh flowers from the market for her home for the weekend and it is a ritual that I have happily carried on at my home – whether it is picking up fresh cut flowers, cutting something from the yard, or grabbing an orchid when my fancy strikes.

Thanks for the One Room Challenge™ love yesterday.  There is some serious talent and inspiration in the bunch.  Your comments truly make my day.  Truly.  As in I walk around most of the day chuckling about email convos with all my interwebs friends - which can prove to be a little awkward at times.  I find myself referring to so and so during a conversation with my mister or my sister about such and such, and they are usually like, ‘who the hell is xxxx and how do you know her/him?’  Um.  

‘My friend from the internet/instagram/blog/blahblahblah…she/he absolutely adores booze/chinoiserie/art/gold/glitter/brass animals/green/vintage/animal print/tiny weird cat lols and would LOVE this, I must take a picture immediately.’  

This is often followed by a very awkward pause and serious side eye. ‘I’d really rather like to get on with the actual act of enjoying my food/wine or getting to our actual destination already as opposed to you always taking damn pictures of it.’  Rude.

But so’s anyway, I love y’all and mean it.  Just know I appreciate you appreciating my jam.

Have a great one.  I’ll be out searching for ORC shit today with visions of wine plums dancing in my head.

All design, photos, and styling by Emily Vanderputten

kisses,  mrs. V


Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

Wine plums...hilarious!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I had that same convo at my house yesterday.

Kristen @ Pursuing Vintage said...

Such a pretty vignette! Love that elephant!
Hope you're having a great weekend!

alison giese Interiors said...

*rude Bwaaaaaa ;P
Hugs right back atcha.

Kim said...

It's kind of like the make believe friends I had as a child. Except they are real and my real friends think they are make believe!! I'm with you friend!! xokim