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The Never Ending Summer

Well.  At least it's August.  Pfew – this is one endless string of summer days.  On one hand, we have had some tremendous fun this summer.  On the other hand, the very real reality is that some days seem like a big gaping hole of Piet and repeat and what to do with Piet.  As my sister wisely put it, a never ending Groundhog’s Day of Summer.

As such, I have lost a sense of days and a bit of my blogging mojo but do not fret.  I plan to return to daily blogging at Chez V with a vengeance once school begins and I can actually string a few uninterrupted hours together to complete one simple project.  I can not WAIT for school to start.  I am that insane lady pulling out her hair while I run around my front yard singing the theme song to ‘The Never Ending Story.’  Only I am injecting ‘Summer.’  On the bright side, at least I have the Olympics to obsess over.  

Also, the pictograph is back from the framer's.  I am loving the matting I chose with the contrasting bevel which subtly highlights the figures.  This is a more simplistic piece than I normally do and at first was not sure what I thought of it.  But now properly attired and temporarily leaning on my mantel, I will be sad to see her go on Friday.  Speaking of artwork, I just got a sneak peak of a much anticipated piece of artwork that I commissioned from one of the funniest (and talented!) broads on the block, Jenny of MFAMB.  AMAZING.  I am so stinkin excited that I have to share.  The piece is the starting point for Pieti's new bedroom design.  

sneak peak!!!!  gah!  excited!

Last but certainly not new news, I have been cooking a lot this summer.  Remember this beef?

It turned into amazing Korean BBQ tacos with ginger slaw and cucumber cilantro salad.  Straight up spicy goodness, taco truck style.

All  photos and artwork by mrs. V unless otherwise noted.
kisses, mrs. V

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