WASPy Chic Design Elements

WASPy Chic
Since we established yesterday that I am a WASP wannabe I thought I would continue my homage to all things WASPy.  Today I have highlighted some great design elements commonly seen in WASP interiors.

Tory Burch is one of the reigning logo queens among the prep set.  Her roots are from Philadelphia's Main Line so it should come as no surprise that her interiors are impeccable.  These have been all over the blogosphere but I just had to share because they are that good.  They are from her Southampton pad as featured by Hamish Bowles in Vogue.

the solarium - Photo Credit: Francois Halard

the library - Photo Credit: Francois Halard

a bedroom - Photo Credit: Francois Halard

the pool pavilion - Photo Credit:  Francios Halard

 the exterior - Photo Credit: Francois Halard

I had to throw in the exterior shot.  I am officially drooling over here.  How about you?!
kisses,  mrs. V

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