A Few More Thoughts on Manners, Pinterest and Online Platforms

Welcome, Again and the Thing About Online Communities…

Wow. First, let me start by saying hello to those of you who are new around these parts.  Welcome to Chez V.  Make yourself at home and take a look around.  You can find out more about me and Chez V here, here, and here

And let me say how touched I am by all the wonderful comments and phone calls and pep talks I have received on yesterday’s post about chasing pipe dreams.  If I could, I would kiss each and everyone one of you!  I have a head full of plans for turning my pipe dreams into reality thanks to some invaluable counsel from this wildly successful gal behind La Plates.  She is a dear friend and sorority sister from back in the day.  You might have seen her stuff featured, um, everywhere.  


In the spirit of those darling Avetts, I am going to go be it!

I made this as part of a graduation gift for my cousin

Of course I would be insanely remiss if I didn’t mention the Pinterest Manners post.  Great conversations are happening and I just feel lucky to be part of the dialogue.  Really.  I am learning firsthand that this wonderful world of blogging and social media is truly built upon support, spontaneity, risk taking, community, and collaboration.

the picture that launched a 1,000 words...
After 4 years of avid blog reading I am still just as inspired today by all the great stuff happening out there as I was when I stumbled upon my first design blogSo glad I finally joined the party.  It is just so ding dang exciting I could pee myself!  Sadly, or hysterically depending on your perspective, it has been known to happen.

photo of our Chez V family by Merrilee Luke Ebbeler

But I want to share one more thing about Pinterest and online communities.  As shocked as I was about silly, negative comments on someone’s pins, mr. V was not the slightest bit surprised.  He is a long, long time online gamer and tech blog reader before they were even called blogs.  He is used to the vitriol that comes with online platforms.  He actually chuckled and said, ‘wait until you get your first troll.’  Why would someone make it their mission to purposefully cause fights?  I am not talking about differing opinions here.  If we all agreed on everything the conversation would get pretty boring.  I am talking about malice with intent.  Or even unintended malice.

It is my hope that the next time these folks decide to post comments on other people’s pins or walls or what-have-you, they will ask themselves if they are contributing constructively to the conversation or just being a troll.

Back tomorrow with a quick and delicious weeknight dish!

kisses,  mrs. V

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Lara @ La Plates said...

Mrs. V, bring on the pipe dream! I can't wait to see all that you do in your future. Always here if you want another pep talk;) xo, LA
PS, thanks for the La Plates love & photo!