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Luxe List - Item #1

TGIF my friends!!  Visions of margaritas and carne asada are already dancing in my head at the crack o’ this morning.  Also bouncing around my head is the persistent delusion that I am utterly famous and visionary (see yesterday’s post), and as such, that I am constantly bombarded by interviewers, klingons, and superfans seeking my sought after opinion on all things great and small.  When I dream, I dream BIG.  Stick with me, this is going somewhere.  The point being, an oft asked question of leading tastemakers is some variation of ‘what luxury do you splurge on?’ or ‘what extravagance could you not live without?’ or ‘if you had extra money, what you buy?’

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Without hesitation, fresh flowers rank #1 for me.  Not only do I consider fresh flowers a luxury but I find that I cannot function without them.  I have to have fresh flowers in my life at all times – which is why I buy and arrange fresh flowers for my house almost every week.  Flowers inject such life and consideration into a room.  I have found that more is more when it comes to flowers – masses of the same flower make such an impact – but even a small bunch on a bed side table or a single stem can create a moment.  The act of dashing off early to the farmer’s market armed with coffee to see what flowers are on hand for the week is luxurious in and of itself.  A few quiet moments away from the circus that is Chez V is a gift!  But I can also do just fine with grocery store flowers which is what I made due with this week… 


Even Pieti wanted in on the flower action.  That genetics is some strong stuff.  I almost always fill the large white bowl on the sideboard with fruit  which can make as much of an impact as flowers.  Pieti loves to inform guests that it is ‘NOT for eating!  It is decoration, duh.’  I love that girl o’ mine.

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Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I love fresh flowers and don't buy them often enough. Great pictures