The Food Chronicles - Basil Pesto

When Life Gives You Basil, Make Pesto

This is what you get with scads of basil on hand at Chez V.  I made the perfect amount to dress a pound of pasta to be enjoyed pronto stat (which the Monster and I did with a quickness.  That plate right there lasted 2.2 seconds before little fingers made their move) with an equal amount left over for the perfect hostess gift.

It is special enough on its own for a dinner invitation.  If I was a weekend guest, I would put this in a basket lined with a lovely kitchen towel paired with a package of high quality pasta, a dry Rose, a loaf of crusty bread, and some dark chocolate.  What hostess wouldn’t love to have a no-fuss meal on hand after a weekend of entertaining?!

All  photos and layouts by mrs. V.
kisses, mrs. V

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