Kelly Wearstler and I See Eye to Eye

I’m Not SayingI am a Genius, per say…

but clearly, what was good enough for me (remember my fantasy land 1stdibs shopping spree?)…

is also good enough for Kelly Wearstler.  This month’s Elle Decor – bam.

Photo credit:  Mikkel Vang
Photo credit:  Mikkel Vang

In other dazzling news, still enduring the Never Ending SummerWhomever thought it was a good idea to start the pre-school school year on September 10th has poop for brains and has no idea that I have important things to do like blog about my genius.

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Unknown said...

maybe Kelly Wearstler stocks your blog! That would be awesome.

mrs. V | Chez V said...

Ha! I wish. The more likely scenario is that KW has first dibs to 1stdibs. Thanks for the comment Whitney.