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For those of you who follow me on Instagram then you know that I was fiddling with a block print yesterday.  And for those of you who don’t, shame shame I know your name because then you might miss out.  While blogging is still slow for those of us whose kiddos have YET to start the school year, Instagram is the next best thing to catch up on life at Chez V because I always have my phone.  So, go on.  Do it.  Follow along at @chezviviv.  But I digress.  It all started way back, such a long, long time back…

A few years ago I sketched some Dia de Los Muertos skulls.  Can’t remember why but anyway I found them yesterday and immediately wanted to turn one of them into a cheeky print.  Out came a block and my carving tools.  I love the process of carving a block.  Something purposeful yet soothing about carving each little strip away to reveal an image.  It scratches that itch to pull out things like my hair, I suppose.

So, these are two of the prints I pulled last night.  And I have big plans for some more…

the usual vignette

Trying to see how a thin dark frame would look - yep

mr. cheeky is peeking

Pieti immediately demanded one for her gallery wall

All photos and layouts by mrs. V unless otherwise noted
kisses, mrs. V

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