Monogrammed Blue Ikat Acrylic Box

Acrylic Tray-a-nator 3000 – Part 4ish

Remember my mad acrylic tray frenzy?  See here, here, and here.  Well, as with most of my frenzies, I amassed a good chunk of supplies in anticipation of a Thneed-like production of acrylic goodness.  Trays, boxes, and containers of all sorts of sizes.  Brilliant papers from Paper Mojo and some of my own paper creations.  I made a few for myself and a few to be given as gifts but I was never satisfied with my adhesive element so I set the stuff aside and conceded victory to those smart suckers who dreamed up customized inserts topped by another layer of lucite – no adhesion necessary.  Smart, smart, smart.  The supplies were stashed and promptly forgotten about.

But I am a sucker for a challenge and I found my acrylic stash in the avalanche  closet while madly searching for an errant shoe.  I immediately abandoned the shoe search when I discovered the perfect little lidded storage box.  It was screaming to be personalized.  My plans for the grocery were quickly forgotten. Navy and coral have been on the brain lately so I jumped on the computer and whipped up a little ikat-like pattern obviously inspired by Schumacher’s Kerala print.

And there you have it.  I plan to store some of my sparkly bits in here but this thing is perfect for storing office thingamadoodles or keys or the unending bobs of paper receipts and change that spring forth from mr. V's pockets.

I am in a purging state of mind.  Thinking about a giveaway involving some of these extry supplies.  What say you?  Would you be interested?

All  photos and layouts by mrs. V.
kisses, mrs. V

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