Simple Pleasures

I sometimes forget how much happiness simple pleasures bring into my life.  The other day, I found myself scrambling at noon when I realized I did not have much of anything to put together for lunch.  My 5 yr old is not particularly picky but I knew an expired yogurt tube, dried out carrot sticks, and a ball of mozzarella wasn’t going to cut it.  Then I realized, with much glee, that lunch was waiting for us in the backyard.  We dashed out to the veggie garden and picked a crispy green pepper, an heirloom tomato, and snipped some basil.  Paired with simple ingredients, including that ball of mozz, we enjoyed a veritable feast, all the more fulfilling because we had a hand in bringing it to our table.  What a great and simple pleasure.


And how about pairing deeply discounted grocery orchids with a gorgeous blue and white bowl that my mother gifted to me knowing of my deep and abiding love of Chinoiserie?  How gorgeoso is this bowl?!    She purchased it from her designer in 1974 for a pretty penny.  What a great and simple pleasure to now have this treasure in my home.

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What are your simple pleasures?

kisses,  mrs. V


Master Makeover Update

Ok.  Ok.  I am two weeks late and more than a dollar short on my self-induced ORC updates.  A long overdue trip to ATL followed by the Groundhog’s Day that is summer vacation got  in the way of my blog mojoBlah, blah, blah.  So where was I?  Ah, yes, the master.  While I don’t have any progress pictures to share just yet, I have made progress.  Things accomplished:  an inspiration plan,  paint color has been chosen after a few duds thanks to the wonderful direction from this lady, and some pieces sourced.  Sheesh!  So much for doing this on less than a dime.  This is the loose plan.  I am going for a rich, cocooning vibe.  As I mentioned, the room is smallish with weird window placements and no architectural interest to speak of, so I want to turn it into a cozy den-like refuge.  A place where a roguish British ex-pat liaises with his worldly chanteuse.  I always have a story.

Thumbs down to the rain but thumbs up to the 4thYayMerica.
kisses,  mrs. V


Fresh Blueberries Scream Crumb Bars to Me

We have been taking major advantage of all the seasonal produce, both from our little garden and nearby farms.  What to do, what to do when faced with a quart o’ fresh picked berries?!  Make blueberry crumb bars, of course.  O.M.G.  So good.  So easy.  Run right out and getcha some fresh blueberries.  Make.  Bury face in the middle.  The end.

Of course these are perfect for 4th of July but they are so tasty that  they are good any ol' time.  Last year I was preaching about how perfect this was for the 4th and it still is but so are these bars which can be made ahead.  Win. We may or may not have eaten some of this for breakfast during this photo op.  

And by ‘we’ I mean me.

kisses,  mrs. V