My Favorite Corner

Do you have a favorite corner or spot in your house?  When the sun  unexpectedly showed her face this morning in spite of the frigid negative degree temps, I was struck by the beauty of this spot in my bedroom and decided then and there that it was my favorite – which, not surprisingly, happens to be in my favorite room in the house thanks to the One Room Challenge.  But this particular corner, on this particular day just seems so warm and so right.  This spot contains some of the things that I super love:  animal print, pattern, color, art, greenery, sparkling jewelry, and Chinoiserie. Oh, and one quirky element.  It is quite simply SO me.  Which is to say, that in collecting things that I truly love no matter how disparate they may seem, they come together and just work.  At least, for me.  And that is what is important.  

I have found that when I stay true to my own aesthetic rather than following trends, the pieces I select and those that I have chosen to hold on to throughout the years stand the test of time.  To be sure, I am an incurable magpie and switch things up constantly but most pieces can move anywhere in my house and work.  As a matter of fact, my lovely Italian cheetah has already laid claim to another warm spot in the house. And while we are being quite frank, I will likely have a new favorite spot tomorrow.

What corner of your house is SO you?

All photos and styling by mrs. V

kisses,  mrs. V