Boo-bonic Situation

Happy Halloween and all that.  I haven’t fallen off the face.  You know, in case you were wondering where in the heck I’ve been.  It’s just that no one told me that ‘toddler’ and ‘preschool’ are code words for ‘contagion’ and ‘petri dish.’  Chez V has been hit with a near constant onslaught of illness since the start of school.  I was lulled into a complacent forgetfulness over the summer with a brief respite from illness but whammo blammo back right into fluey madness.  Seriously, every time I walk into that classroom to drop her off, it is a panic attack of germs.  If it isn’t barf, then it’s persistant runny noses, chesty wet coughs, rashes go long, or some crazy strepstaphmersa madness.  The most recent affliction has been some sort of viral situation that has knocked the Monster on her patoots.  There is always some kind of situation over here.  So, I am sleep deprived and on day 3 of lockdown with a total crankpants who sadly will be missing her Halloween party and trick or treating.  Boo!  What a total bummer.  And now I am a crankypants.  My nursing is beginning to lose its Florence Nightingale luster and taking a turn  towards Nurse Ratched territory. 

Clearly, I jest.  But I am one hair away from needing a rubber room myself.    Have I mentioned that along with generalized anxiety that I have a healthy pinch of germaphobe sprinkled in for taste?  I have washed my hands so much in the last few days that they are beginning to resemble rice paper.  I CAN NOT get sick.

This is my busiest time, and while I am finishing up orders from my last Open House, I am preparing for another Open House in Dayton.  Juggling the production line that is my kitchen and a sick kiddo is sporty to say the least.  For any of you who missed the Cincy show, I am having one in Dayton on November 28th.  If you are local to the Tri-State, I would love to see you!  Details below…

If you would like to attend, you can RSVP here with 'Open House' in the subject line.

On top of all that, I am due in Nashville in a few days to celebrate a milestone birthday that shall remain unnamed, albeit a month early.  Wild horses nor the bubonic plague could prevent me from going - fingers and toes crossed that the viral buboes skip over this lady.

In all seriousness, sending thoughts and prayers to those affected by Sandy.
kisses,  mrs. V


Annual Halloween Bash

The annual Halloween bash happened this weekend.  Good times all around for both the littles and the bigs.  Kudos to my cuz for hosting another great party.

my stepfather surprised everyone by showing up as the crazy gorilla
yours truly as Marcel Marceau

P traded in her normal monster gig in lieu of a pink pirate

a clown swooning over a card bandito?  who knows.

Luigi and Pink Piratepants are more than a little leary of the gorilla.
Bonnie sans Clyde

our parties are never complete without the obligatory pinata

All photos and layouts by mrs. V excepting a few that I cribbed from my sis
kisses,  mrs. V


No One Ever Accused Me of Being Practical

If I was down to my last dollar or in the case of this day dream, down to my last G, I can promise you that I would spend it on shoes.  Never mind about the food and you can forget about me keeping the lights on or the heat.  Not this gal.  And don’t bother about those two front teeth, ‘cuz all I want for Christmas is a new pair of shoes…

clockwise from top left 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

Instead of Tiffany's, this poor Holly Golightly will take her breakfast at Barneys.  Nothing like a new pair of shoes to get rid of the mean reds.

All layouts by mrs. V
kisses,  mrs. V


Latest Etched Glass Designs...

and Some Thoughts on Relevance and Creativity

As promised, here are some of the samples I made for the Open House.

Here’s the funny thing about relevence and creativity.  Us design-minded folks, particularly in blogland, are inspired and informed by many of the same sources.  So it should come as no surprise that we often come up with similar designs or concepts or get ape shit excited over the latest thing, immediately wondering how we can reinterpret it for our point of view.  But we should also bear in mind that some of the things that we love or similarly some of the concepts that we feel are overplayed have not even reached most people.  For example, I have been working on skull prototypes for the holidays for the last few months – skull motif block prints, wine glasses, rocks glasses, and ornaments.   Skulls have been popping up everywhere.  And I think a lot of us agree that they are very cool and inject a nice little edginess to any space, right?  I thought skulls would be a slam dunk.  But when I suggested via FB that skulls aren’t just for Halloween, my sis responded, ‘what else are they for?’ Accordingly, the skull stuff got a passing glance at the show.  Hmm, a bit of a reality check about the mass appeal of skulls at least for those who do not read blogs or pour over design pubs.

Then two days after my Open House where I debuted a lot of these new designs, I came across Southern Accents’ 2012 Christmas  Decorating Guide.  And there on page 88 and again on the back cover was an etched beverage bottle.  Just like the one I had at my show – although I must admit that I like my design better as it is more interesting than simple initials.   And here’s the funny bit, when I found these glass bottles I just knew they would be a huge hit for the holidays – I think they are super fun and perfect as a gift or for yourself.  Not only can they be used as intended for wine, water, or juices but they would make great vessels for flowers or foliage.  But most people walked right by the beverage bottle – except for one very discerning friend!  I am guessing once any of these gals happen to see the Decorating Guide that I will get more than a few phone calls.

from 2012 Southern Accents Christmas Decorating Guide

Similarly, I have been reworking the Mr. & Mrs. tumblers for more of a unique look than the very popular ‘stache and lips.  The original inspiration for the tumblers came from the MR & MRS font glasses that Furbish carries.  When I saw those, I knew something similar with a mustache & lips would be really fun.  Anything ‘mr’ & ‘mrs’ has been gaining momentum as we are starting to see the bigger box shops stock the monikers.  But I wanted a fresh look for this season so I went with a lipsmacker motif and a bow tie.  

As another iteration, I came up with a holiday bent on ‘naughty’ and ‘nice’ with a santa hat dotting the ‘i’ and a cheeky rendition of a nightcap glass with Mr. Moon donning a night cap.  Days after my first prototypes were completed, the brilliant Ms. Meares and her Furb crew released photos of limited addition Mr. & Mrs. glasses with red santa hats.  Gah!   So chic and so perfect.   Seriously, how many times can I rave about how she rocks everything she does and everything she curates?  I was instantly smitten and crestfallen at the same moment.  So much for trying to do something fresh.  I considered scrapping mine because let’s be honest, anything other than a Furbed rendition would be deemed a copy cat – and really mine are if you consider that the original thread of inspiration came from those first glasses that Jamie carried.  But dang, I put a lot of time and creative energy over the last few months into developing new designs for this holiday season and my Open House.  I do each piece by hand.  So, for now, given all that time invested, I am sticking with the Naughty and Nice cap glasses and Mr. Moon Nightcap even though  they are similar in feel.   But it's back to the drawing board...

All photos and layouts by mrs. V
kisses,  mrs. V


Chez V Open House Recap

Howdy, Kids, I’m Back From Pop Up Land

Well, gee whiz.  The whirlwind that was the Chez V Open House is slightly calming down.  It was a lovely evening and thanks to all of you who came out!  What fun it was to organize and style this little pop up event – has my head spinning about additional events.  Dayton – look out, I’m coming for ya!

Here are a few pics from the set up but I forewarn you that I was sort of a mad woman on a frenzy tagging items up until the first person walked through the door so I did not take too many pictures - and the lighting is not great.

Lots of fun new motifs for ornaments

These LA Plates trays are perfect for Hostess and Holiday gifts & the candles smell divine!

Love all the LA Plates clutches but especially the beaded numbers in the front!

how perfect for the kiddie table!

So stinkin' adorable - P Monster must have a pair of these Stephen Bonanno sandals!  And me too!

Two of my favorite LA Plates items - the Weekender tote - perfect for the mr. and the Sunday Catchall - perfect for me!

Mr. & Mrs Tumblers 2.0 - Mr. Bowtangles and Mrs. SWAKtastic

For when your social cocktailing could use a little social media-ing!

Cheeky rocks glasses - if you're up for a nightcap, I'll pick the poison...

one word - gorgeous.  heavy and statement making candle holder

perfect for your bar cart situation or any situation, for that matter

These etched glass samples are some of the new designs I made for the show – I have many more fun designs to show you tomorrow – including one of my favorite new must-have items.  And it seems that I am not the only one since I spotted two yesterday when I picked up the special holiday edition of Southern Accents.

All photos and layouts by mrs. V
kisses, mrs. V