Trouble Spots in My House

Things I’m Afraid to Show You

Naomi of Design Manifest designed this AMAZING dressing room -
I need something glam to display my shoes

This is why I can’t sleep at night.  I see beautiful images of lovely spaces and immediately begin to loathe my trouble spots.  Just like my big hips and overlarge ta tas, I have trouble spots in my house that drive me crazy insane.  Spots where misfit things go to rest indefinitely, much like those pesky extry calories in wine and cheese.  rude.

The cause for self-loathing and insomnia is not born of jealousy but rather my sometime inability to just frickin do something about those spots.  Laying off the cheeseburgers, for a start, would be good.  Running a mile or two here and there wouldn’t hurt either.  But so would organizing my ridiculous pile of shoes or making a damn decision about fabric or stepping out on mr. V by calling an electrician to properly wire those dangling tv cords. 

Seriously, I look at and talk about design related things every single day.  Occasionally someone will even ask me for my opinion.  But I am often embarrassed that I my own spaces are not where I want them.  The reality is that I can not afford some of the things that I want to do and I am ok with waiting until I can.  But other simple things sometimes don't get done because I am crippled with design indecision.  Or just too dang lazy.  But today is the day to come clean much like the psyche cleansing Things I'm Afraid to Tell You post.  Without further ado, two trouble spots that I am afraid to show you... 

Trouble Spot #1 - pile of shoes and paint samples that
have been there for 3 years.  3 years, people.

Trouble Spot #2 - this narrow room has lots of issues -
starting with that terrible couch which is my ONLY concession to my husband's relative comfort - I LOATHE it with every fiber of my being

I am officially over myself and my inability to get out of my own damn way.  I am blaming the disappearance of naps in this household.  I’m off to shove that pile of shoes back into a teetering monolith so that I can slide the closet door closed.  A girl has to sleep.

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A Saturday Morning Education Courtesy of The Style Saloniste

A Public Service Announcement and an Education

All sorts of stuff swirling around my brain these days.  I’ll be back tomorrow with some deep thoughts that have been on my mind as of late.  In the meantime, I have been properly schooled at the rather adroit hands of The Style Saloniste written by the immensely discerning Diane Dorrans Saeks.  How I managed to miss that she had a blog is beyond me but I spent more than a few hours immersed in her world on Saturday morning and came away completely reinvigorated.  And I can't wait to go back to dig through her archives.

The features on Ken Fulk and Darin Geise specifically sent me to another place entirely.  Like beauty, good design is in the eye of the beholder.  But I can say that I was reminded again of what good design looks like to me.  This is why I can not decorate any of my rooms straight from the spread of a big box catalog.  Because my eye as been informed and continues to be informed daily, with features like these.  I prefer interiors that tell a story about the inhabitant.  Speaking of stories being told, Philip Harvey’s photography tells a mighty one about each of his subjects.  

My eye has been schooled again.  Thank you, Diane, for giving me a glimpse into your rarefied and inspiring world.

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Artsy Fartsy Files


I was asked recently to paint a picture.  It has been a while so I had to root through a ton of supplies long stashed away to find the necessary tools.  During my search I unearthed one of my sketchbooks from 2007 and discovered one of my favorite tiny paintings.


This particular piece was inspired by an old Indian textile book I had purchased when I was doing a lot of block printing some years ago.  I had dashed it off rather quickly in a fit of inspiration  and then sort of forgot about it.  In fact, I was reminded of it a few years ago when I saw John Robshaw’s country house spread in the Oct/Nov 2010 issue of Lonny.

Lonny Oct/Nov 2010
It was sort of an OMG moment of wow did Mr. Robshaw swipe my painting and slam it on some fabric?  Which is admittedly insane because he is the king of Indian textiles but it was weird all the same.  I remembered having done something similar.  So I went hunting for it.  COULD. NOT. FIND. IT.  Anywhere.  Thought perhaps I had given it to someone as a gift.  Then I discovered it yesterday in that sketchbook under a bed buried under a bunch of unused art supplies.  Definitely different but clearly we were inspired by similar origins.  I have fallen in love with my bulls all over again.  And made a few other discoveries in that sketchbook…

Done prior to pregnancy & motherhood -
I think it is safe to assume I was a bit skittish about the prospect

Kingyo -
during my pond digging days

inspired by a piece of my grandmother's Delft that I inherited

a prototype for some project that I canned a few years ago

This time round pictographs were the inspiration for the commission as the recipient has traveled to various locations around the world appreciating them over the years.  I must admit to not knowing much about them prior to the request so it has been a wonderful journey of discovery and I am sort of obsessed.  I feel a pictograph series coming on now that I have unearthed both my watercolor paints and block printing inks.

Hanksville Spirits -
it went off to the framer's today

then I fiddled with the image and I sort of love this

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Life at Chez V - Talk About Pop Culture

Let’s Talk Pop Culture

Has anyone watched thisPanic inducing.  I had nightmares for two days.  The level of disfunction is mindblowing.

And speaking of habits, I am finally catching up my dvr - because there is NOTHING on television - and refueling my Bravo addiction.  More Rosie. Less Teresa.  Less Ramoner.  Am I the only one who thinks Heather is dude looks like a lady-ish?  


Next up, SYTYCDI admit to loving this show almost as much as margaritas.

On my bedside table you will not find 50 shades of anything.  Not because I object to the subject matter.  I’m all for reading whatever floats your man in the boat. I simply prefer to read well-written books.   I just finished this and now have a gaping, throbbing hole in the middle of my chest.  As a child of the 80s and parents who owned a hair salon, I grew up in this reality.

Next, I plan to read these…

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

And if I could get to the movies I would be running to see this

because that is one of my favorite movies of all time.  The end.

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The Scout Report - Runners

Momma Needs a New Weave or Three

It’s been WEEEEEEKS since I’ve had my hair did.  The dark rutz are almost past the point of no return and I can practically sit on my hair.  So, not a good look.  It’s also been WEEEEEEEKS since I’ve switched out my runners.  This magpie tires quickly.  Soooo…looking for something brightish and bossy to replace the milquetoast Ballard runner that currently resides in the kitchen.  And I am just plain over the one in my hallway.  These Persian weaves are some strong contenders…

I have two favs but I am interested in your opinion.  As a reminder, here are the current sitchs.

sadly, we are stalled again on those banquette cushions.
mr. seamstress has to work. rude.
(they are black faux leather with green welt.)

I plan to paint that teeny console and address
that sad, sad light fixture if SpendyLockdownGate ever ends

Which one(s) strikes your fancy?

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