Trimming the Tree, Literally

Hoarding has its privileges.

                                                                                mrs. V

I’ve said it before and I will say it over and over again. It pays to hold on to things.  Well, maybe PAY is a bit ambitious.  My husband wholeheartedly disagrees, vociferously.  But if I didn’t have a fabric or Chinoiserie addiction, I would not have been able to trim the tree this year or deck chez V’s halls.  Well, maybe NOT is also a bit ambitious, so let’s just say without spending mucho dinero.  And that is a lot like paying, no? 

With that in mind, I have taken the whole ‘trimming the tree’ bit rather literal this year.  Rather than buying new trimmings, as I often do each year, I raided my stashes to pull off a fresh look for Christmas.  Armed with loads of extra yardage of my very favorite Greek Key trim, I literally trimmed my tree with it.  Additionally, I used remnants to make up some new stockings, complete with lining and trim! These are now officially my most favorite things ever.  I may never take them down.  Cheers, it’s Christmas every day of the year!

In true chez V fashion, I corralled some of my blue and white collection together, pairing ginger jars and cache pots with bright accents and greenery for a very colorful Chinoiser-V Christmas look.  Much like my very Chinoiser-V Easter look from last year.  Blue and white is a lot like bacon and animal print, in my book.  Makes the everything better. 

It also makes linking up to Jennifer’s blue and white bashes over at The Pink Pagoda very easy because blue and white is a staple at my house, like bacon and animal print.  Thanks for having me, dear!

To further prove my hoarding resourcefulness, I fashioned my own Chinoiserie ornaments using sharpies and extra white ornaments I had on hand, which, as it turns out, seems to be all the rage this season.  Tons of great examples floating around.  I used my own collection as inspiration and simply free handed them.

I have yet to tackle my fresh garlands or the rest of the house, but I think this is off to a smashing start.  Check back in the next few days for a proper holiday house tour when I’ve gotten things buttoned up and photographed in better light.  For a taste of last year’s holiday shenanigans, go here and here.

Cheers to a great and colorful holiday season!

All design, styling, and photos by Emily Vanderputten

kisses,  mrs. V