Tales From the Projects - A Chair Intervention

The Best Little Chairhouse in Texas, and by Texas I mean Ohio

I needed another project like I needed a hole in my head.  But it is time to tackle the tettering tower of wayward and derelict chairs in the garage.  mr. V has threatened.  And that is never pretty.  It is true.  I have a thing for chairs.  Ever the chair chatelaine, I cannot stop dragging them home.  Or accepting cast offs.  No matter the condition.  I have no less than 11 chairs in varied states of undress and in desperate need of a proper upholstery job.

Enter Fanny.  Girl’s been ridden hard and put up wet; her dress is soiled and in tatters and her skin needs buffed, scrubbed, and lady-fied.  But girl’s got some simple sessy curves  and gams going for her, so this gal is first up for a makeover.

Fanny will be receiving a paint job, seat plumping, and some bright fabric.  This is my first attempt at upholstery.  With mr. V’s tutelage, he does car upholstery, I am hoping to only smash my thumb a few times.  This is my inspiration:

Jamie Meares of Furbish Studio is the ORIGINAL chair chatelaine.
She does upholstery like nobody's business.  via

I will keep you abreast of my progress.  I can promise you it will be slow, like all other projects around these parts.
All photos by mrs. V except the last one.
kisses, mrs. V 


A Short Story About a Short Story

‘Let Us Ask the Heart’

The fact that mr. V and I were married 7 years ago, today, is a minor miracle.  On our first date, he showed up wearing sandals with velcro.  VELCRO.  Not good.  I was prepared to walk in the other direction but his self-deprecating wit won me over enough to accept a second date and so on.

There was the time that I was 5 hours late for a date.  Why this rigidly prompt man waited for me, I will never know.  And then there was the time that I dumped him.  Like an idiot.  And then I dated someone else for a LONG time.  And that prompt mr. V still waited for me, for a year and a half, to come out from under the ether of that other ill-fated relationship, of which he predicted the demise from the outset.

The irony is that he played me like a fiddle.  He figured out that I normally pursued edgy, hard-to-get guys but that at the heart of it, I wanted someone to love and pursue me for me.  So he shared stories of his misanthropic 20s as a drummer with a purple mohawk in a punk rock band while also sending me emails full of Shakespeare’s sonnets.  He did not tell me about his amazing parents, who met in the peace corps in Africa.  He did not tell me that he was handy at EVERYTHING because he grew up on a farm and had a pretty normal childhood.  He did not tell me that he wanted to get married and have 2.2 kids and a house with a white picket fence.  He did NOT tell me that he fell in love with me on our 3rd date and knew that he wanted to spend his life with me.  My sister witnessed the actual lightning bolt moment but just thought he was being weird.  

Because he knew telling me those things would have sent me running for the hills.  Have you met me?  I am allergic to commitment.  Instead he played me like a fiddle.  Plucking here and there to find the right combination of notes that would eventually resemble a song.

In a last ditch attempt to win me back, he wrote me a short story.  About a haggard heart who prevailed over the dismissive chorus of thoughts in his mind that had counseled him to cut off contact.  A SHORT STORY, PEOPLE.  A short story in which the thoughts wisely said, 'let us ask the heart.'  

And in the end, it worked.  We were engaged shortly after.  And married, seven years ago today.  Never could I have imagined a more worthy adversary (which is what I considered suitors back in my singleton days), a better best friend, a more steadfast and level headed partner, or a more incredible father.

Thank you mr. V.  For asking your heart.

Wedding photos by 808 Studios
kisses, mrs. V


The Perfect Memorial Day Cookout Dessert

Festive Holiday Goodies

I made these brownies last summer for a July 4th celebration but I think they are just as fitting for Memorial Day.  I would swap out the firecracker bags for clear cello and tie them with some red ribbons in place of the twist ties.  The individual wrapping not only looks great but is perfect for keeping pesky bugs or fingers away before dessert time.

The brownies are Ina’s Outrageous Brownie recipe – the only brownie recipe I use now.  Every time I make these people go nuts.  Oh Ina, you never fail me.  And manageable for a frustrated baker like myself.  I add powdered sugar on top for presentation.

Perfect dessert to bring to that Memorial Day cookout!

All photos by mrs. V
kisses, mrs. V


Happy Holiday Weekend

Celebrate Every Day

Wishing you a safe and frolicking holiday weekend filled with family, friends, celebration, and remembrance.  And booze.  Lots of it.

Image sources 1/2/3 is by me; layouts by me

kisses, mrs. V


Wallpapered Bathrooms

Chic Banos – The Wallpaper Edition

We have been a little content heavy as of late.  So back to frippery and lovely images.  If I lived hans solo at Chez V, I would have half of the walls covered in wallpaper.  mr. V has removed a lot wallpaper in his lifetime and claims that it is a pain in the ass.  Whatever.  He refuses to indulge me in this latest design obsession.

But I propose to start small.  A dipping of the toe, as it where, in a little space like a bathroom.  So that I can work up to him being ok with the banana leaf paper plastered all over my kitchen.

A little goes a long way and yet makes such an impact.  Graphic, saturated, stripes, floral, chinoiserie, nautical, patterned, and of course, animal print.  

from Harriet Anstruther's London home via NYT

by Kate Simpson in Lonny Oct/Nov 2009

York Wallcoverings in Carla Fahden's home via Design Sponge

Flowering Quince in a Betty Burgess design via Atlanta Homes Magazine

via Connecticut Cottages & Gardens

Thibault wallpaper in an Anna Spiro design

Design by Pierre-Yves Rochon in Lonny Dec/Jan 2010

Katie Ridder wallpaper via

from Cameo Homes via Decorpad

Meg Braff in House Beautiful

from Harbinger in LA taken by Jamie Meares

Katie Ridder wallpaper via Decorpad

Thibault Design via

Manuel Canovas paper in Barrie Benson design

Massucco Warner Miller featuring Quadrille Edo wallpaper

source unknown


via Elle Decor

David Hicks gold foil wallpaper via

from Domino - who doesn't love this bath?!

Michael Penney

via Habitually Chic

Navy grasscloth in a Janelle Steinberg design via

stripes - source unknown

more banana leaf goodness - Marjorie Skouras via

Baily Quin's powder room from Rue Issue 4

that Scalamandre zebra print by Massucco Warner Miller

from Lee W. Robinson in Louisville via Habitually Chic

de Gournay wallpaper in a Katie Ridder designed bath via

So much goodness.  So many options.  As Freddie Mercury says, ‘I want it all…!’
kisses, mrs. V