Wine Tumbler Giveaway

Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away, Now...

It's that time of year.  I am in full blown holiday mode.  Stock is steadily arriving at Chez V in anticipation of the holiday season.  I do customized gifts, etched glass, gifts baskets, and holiday cards this time of year which means a lot of large marge things to organize and stock.  I have a few events lined up, so mrs. V is about to be biz zee.

As a way to kick off the season I am doing another giveaway.  Etched wine tumblers are one of my biggest sellers.  So, back by popular demand, I am offering 2 tumblers of your choice.  The Mr & Mrs set or a set of 1-letter monogram.  Giveaway details below.

And here is a sneak peak at one of my newest little creations.  Anything chinoiserie makes my heart skip a beat. When I spied something similar last year, I couldn't believe that I hadn't thought of etching all sorts of chinois city motifs.  I have all sorts of fun little motifs in the works.  Just imagine the possibilities with this fun little number. Fill it with flowers or bright pencils or with your heart’s secret delight like tangerine jelly belly jelly beans.  Pantone says so.

I keep those Jelly Belly beans within arms reach at all times.

TUMBLER GIVEAWAY DETAILS:  Let’s keep this simple, m’kay?  Leave me a comment telling me which set you would love.  Of course I would love for you to become a FOLLOWER of the blog but I am not going to get all demandy.  So, just a comment will do.  You have until midnight EST, Monday, Sept. 3 to enter.  Winner announced Tues., Sept. 4.

However, if you do become a FOLLOWER or already are a FOLLOWER, leave me another comment stating 'I FOLLOW' for an extry entry!  Thanks!

That’s all folks.

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Apple Crisps in a Jar

It’s Still All Things in a Jar Over Here

Last year I went mad for all manner of desserts in a jar as party favors.  First I tried mixed berry pies in a jar for Easter.  Then there was the whole cupcakes in a jar thing for a birthday brunch.  Next up was the pesto cum hostess gift in a jar bit.  And the madness just continues.  While everyone else is busy pinning the cutest drink ever in the whole of history in a mason jar - I am still wagging the dessert tail.  I know, I know.  Desserts are so 2010.  And mason jars are so 2011 but they are still proving to be country strong in ‘12.  Jars, I just can’t seem to quit you.


As soon as I began conceiving of desserts in a jar, I have been dying to do mini apple crisps. With Fall on the brain I finally gave in to that temptation island of crisps in a jar.

This go round was purely a trial run to test out cook time and the proper apple to crumb ratio.  Verdict:  I need wide mouth half pint jars (which are typically only available online) and more of each of the apple/crumble ratio as the apples, much like with pie, bake down.  Also, my apple cubes should be a bit smaller.  Once I started paring the apples, my distracto brain sort of forgot that they were going into small jars rather than the standard baking dish.  I blame Alabama Shakes – there may or may not also have been dancing happening at this time. But all in all – I declare a moderate victory.  Believe you me, these will be in the Fall rotation with some lidded burlap and twine action.  But then again, I will have probably moved on to some sort of pumpkin bread/mousse situation in a jar by next week.

Speaking of jars, or rather glass, tune in tomorrow for another one of my etched glass giveaways.

Happy Humps to all you lovely lady lumps.

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Jewelry Vignettes

On Display, On Display, On Display

Just as sure as you can bet that Ms. Gorga lip synchs those lyrics every chance she gets, so can you bet that I will wear the same 3 pieces of jewelry on the daily unless my sparkly bits are out on display, on display, on display.  Hence, I have been setting up shiny little vignettes of jewelry on my dresser to inject some spice into my jewelry routine. Grabbed up this chinoiserie style plate from C Wonder for some of my oldie but goodies that were hidden away in an old jewelry bag.  It’s like Christmas in August.

This magpie is off to sparkletown.

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Tapestry, Tapestry on the Wall...

You Are the Fairest of Them All
During the week I try to keep up with the frenetic blogging pace of a long list of daily reads.  Mostly that involves stealing moments here and there on my phone to peak in on everyone.  But in the wee early hours of Sunday mornings, before the day gets into full swing, I tuck in for a purposeful visit into the world of Texas design via Joni Webb over at Cote de Texas.  I appreciate that she always has in depth, detailed articles covering a wide range of designers over periods of time so that I can enjoy the evolution of a designer’s point of view.  But what I adore most about Joni is her honesty and passion.  I love love love the self-deprecating humor that she employs when she is telling her own design story and the myriad influences over the years.  And I love that she admits to stalking houses and designers.  Like minded indeed! Underneath that beautifully curated tonal Houston look, I detect a kindred ‘more is more’ spirit who probably has to force herself to constantly edit.

Joni's house - of note: tone on tone, seagrass, slips, and blue & white
makes me want to redo my whole LR!

Yesterday morning was no exception and I was delighted to see the sneak peak of Jane Moore’s townhouse that Veranda shared with Joni from the OCT 2012 issue.  Equally as exciting for me, was connecting the design degrees of separation between Houston designer Jane Moore, Lisa Newsome, former Veranda editor, and their married-to-each-other kiddos who started Wisteria, one of my longtime favorite retailers thanks to an early introduction by Heather Chadduck via Cottage Living – who is one of my design influences.  Hey Lindsey Bierman, so glad that Heather is back in your fold over at SL, now please feature more of her work!

Photo:  Peter Vitali for Veranda

But let's get back to the sneak peak, shall we?  First off, the kitchen.  How dare?!  So so good.  But what really caught me eye was the tapestry Jane Moore has hanging in her dining room.  It is so spectacular.  It works so surprisingly well balanced against the European industrial touches – it brings in a punch of warmth and color.  And thanks to Joni’s thoroughness, she includes Jane’s previous house from a 2000 Veranda feature that also showcases the tapestry in a much different, but equally stunning setting.

I have the good fortune to have a tapestry that belonged to my grandmother and it has followed me in 5 different residences.  I have often wondered if it was too stodgy.  It currently resides in my living room and I have considered swapping it out for a space-expanding mirror or something more modern like a huge abstract but I am a sentimental hoarder and could never bring myself to take it down.  In a bit of a compromise, I layered a small sunburst mirror over the tapestry  a few years ago and I still sort of love the layers.  Then I saw this Jane Moore feature with her stunning tapestry taking pride of place in her dining room and my old faith in Grandma Nickell's tapestry has been restored, again.

For the complete sneak peak and a wonderful glimpse of the Newsom's home go on over and pay Joni a proper visit yourself.

Do you have any sentimental pieces like Grandma Nick's tapestry?

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The Artsy Fartsy Files - Block Printing


For those of you who follow me on Instagram then you know that I was fiddling with a block print yesterday.  And for those of you who don’t, shame shame I know your name because then you might miss out.  While blogging is still slow for those of us whose kiddos have YET to start the school year, Instagram is the next best thing to catch up on life at Chez V because I always have my phone.  So, go on.  Do it.  Follow along at @chezviviv.  But I digress.  It all started way back, such a long, long time back…

A few years ago I sketched some Dia de Los Muertos skulls.  Can’t remember why but anyway I found them yesterday and immediately wanted to turn one of them into a cheeky print.  Out came a block and my carving tools.  I love the process of carving a block.  Something purposeful yet soothing about carving each little strip away to reveal an image.  It scratches that itch to pull out things like my hair, I suppose.

So, these are two of the prints I pulled last night.  And I have big plans for some more…

the usual vignette

Trying to see how a thin dark frame would look - yep

mr. cheeky is peeking

Pieti immediately demanded one for her gallery wall

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