It's a Blue and White Bash!

You bet I will be linking up to this little blue and white party today.  And so should you.

Come join us over at The Pink Pagoda!

kisses,  mrs. V


An Autumn Table

Ever one to embrace tradition, the flirtation, for me, is always brief.  While I acknowledge the foundational dalliance, I promptly dump tradition on its fusty head.  My autumn table is no exception to my fickle whims.  This gal does not do ‘red’ and ‘orange.’  If I see another orange mum or pumpkin wrapped in bittersweet, I swear I will scream.  And then I will laugh at you for your complete lack of imagination.  Sorry, no one ever accused me of being nice.

Getcha some spirits.  It's Friday.

All images and layouts by me.
kisses,  mrs. V


LA Plates Giveaway

By now I think we all know how much I adore a great monogram.  Something sits still long enough in this house and I’m likely to slap a monogram on it.  As I indicated yesterday, one of my favsies ladies, the genius behind La Plates, is having a fabulous giveaway and a great 10% discount on ALL appliqued items here.  I, for one, am in love with literally everything on offer as La Plates is THE place for all things monogrammed.  I know a certain little girl in mi casa that would adore one of those gingham applique pillows.  And I know this girl would love this or this.

Go here to enter.  During this giveaway week, use discount code PILLOW10 by 9/29/13 to get 10% off your appliqued pieces.  So many great gift ideas.

BTWs, Can't say enough great things about owner Lara Shelton.  Not only is she a dear friend and sorority sister but she has been a great mentor to me and an all around 'you go girl' cheerleader of Chez V from the very beginning.  Love ya, La!!!!

Tell her mrs. V sent ya!

kisses,  mrs. V


Where the Heck Have I Been?

Oh hey.  Hi.  Where was I?  Smack dab in the middle of Summer is where and then whammo – off the grid without so much as a c’est la vie or by your leave or see ya on the flip, drip... Sorry.  It has not been a complete undocumented mess over in Chez V land as I am never too far from my phoney phone and an Insta trail tends to leave clues about where I have been and what sorts of shenanigans are occupying my time.  Our Chez V code of conduct these days as evidenced by IG:  

Then I sent my little off to kindergarten.  On a bus.  In a uniform.  Feck.

Tomorrow, I return with news of a fab monogram giveaway from one of my favorite ladies and a story about how a company managed to successfully lose my business for life and longer.

kisses,  mrs. V