Between the Sheets with Mrs. V

With a reputation for being particular about details, it should come as no surprise to anyone that I am finicky about my bedding.  Before we get too far into this thing, never fear.  This is NOT a promo.  This is a cry for help.  HELP ME, for cripes sakes!!!  I am on the hunt for bed sheets.  I have tried many types and brands only to come up unsatisfied.  Ever since redoing my bedroom, I have been looking to up my bed game.  The coral shams I used were merely a compromise because the set I wanted from Crane and Canopy was on back order, and I have never been happy with the stand ins.  As a matter of fact, the Vs have not been happy between the sheets for some time.  Lest you go calling Dr. Ruth, remember, we are speaking of sheets.

For some context, let's start at the beginning.  I made the mistake of purchasing a set of Egyptian cotton sheets with some crazy thread count, back in the day, pre-child, when I had some discretionary moola and no brains.  The mister was furious because they were very spendyBut the joke was on him because they are most the comfortable sheets, EVER and have proven to be his favorite sheets.  They have become our gold standard for sheet approval.  I have supplemented the rotation with other sets, of similar thread count and touted quality as well as other more affordable options known for comfort and washability.  All of which, we hate.  They are either too swishy, or too rough, or too shiny, or just plain uncomfortable.  Problem is, 8 years later, the gold standard are kaput, worn out, and almost threadbare. 

I just scooped up a set of deeply discounted well-known ‘luxury’ sheets that were still very spendy with the discount, and I could not hate them more.  Swishy, shiny, and rough.  And I am quite convinced that the pillow cases are giving me headaches.  But then again, it might also be that extra glass of wine.  But that’s not the point, the point is, I need help finding a sheet set that will pass muster.  What kind of sheets do you swear by?!

These are the options that are currently on my radar:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

What is your favorite bedding and why?  Have you tried any of the above?  I need help because this bed needs some new love between the sheets...

All photos, styling, and layouts by Emily Vanderputten
kisses,  mrs. V