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Never Say Never – One Stop Shopping

Just when I thought I was done saying ‘never say never’ here I go again.  Just the other day I was preaching about how I could never outfit a room from one place.  Of course in that instance I was referring to big box retailers.  However, today as I was perusing the goods at Jayson Home and Garden, one of my favorite sources for unique gifts and one of a kind pieces, I found myself doing just that – mentally creating a space from one place.  It was actually fun restricting myself to one source.  Granted, Jayson Home always has a wonderful mix so this was not a particularly hard or limiting exercise.  Based on the pieces that caught my eye, I imagined an office space for myself.

With the exception of the Tanzania wallpaper from Thibault, the seagrass rug, and artwork from MFAMB (because I would totally commission another piece for this office space), all  items can be found on Jayson Home’s website.  Not a shabby foundational start.  I would definitely not be mad about working in this room so I suppose I am, yet again, saying 'never say never' to one-stop-shopping, of all things.

Lots of goodies to be had at Jayson Home.  The feather light fixture and the cartographer’s flat file were heavily considered.  To round out the accessories a bit, I will need something fancy to hold my business cards.  Gorgeous books are a must as are those sun bleached tortoise shells and the lucite trunk which would make a pretty perch for a statement piece or a fantastic repository for some stunning fabric samples.  Also, please note that a stocked bar cart is a must in my make believe office world.  Go on over and take a gander for yourself.

FYI - please note that I am featuring Jayson Home because I have long admired their goods, not because I am being asked or paid to do so.

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alison giese Interiors said...

WORD to that office space!!!
OK, so we can definitely design a space from one source, and not have it look like a showroom, but can I afford it? ;)
No matter - I say YES!

mrs. V | Chez V said...

AG - you are right! Affordability is always a sticky wicket. In makebelieveworld money is no object. In mrs. V's world it is - so I use an inspiration room like this one as a starting point for sourcing similar but more affordable options while splurging on one or two of the noteworthy things that will stand the test of time. Cuz I got office spaces on my insane membrane and am hoping to carve one out for myself in this postage stamp.

designchic said...

They have amazing things...love all of your picks,and yes, I too could decorate from this one store!!