'V'ROUST Questionnaire - A Brief Survey

Getting to Know You or What are You Willing to Admit?

**UPDATE**  Three is definitely more than two but significantly less than the stats imply…mr. V is declaring victory.  I will not go down without a fight!   I know you are dying to tell me your deep dark reality star obsession.  I am not above begging…Tomorrow I will share mine!

I desperately need your help.  Bragging rights and vanity are at stake.  mr. V argues that stats lie and only a few real live people are probably reading Chez V.  I argue that surely there are more than a few humans, of real flesh and blood other than my sister and Kassey visiting each and every day.  So do sister a favor, if you are real, I would love to hear more about you.  But more important, because I am vain and competitive, I would love to win this bet.

Here is my on-the-fly condensed version of the ever popular Proust Questionnaire with a decidely Chez V slant.  Take a moment to reveal your true self.  I dare ya.  

Don’t judge about the sketch.  I did this two minutes ago with only the back of a shopping list and crayons at my disposal.

Leave me your answers via the comments.  Love your hair, voted for you!

All photos by me
kisses,  mrs. V


Wendy said...

I'm real, and I also want you to win!

1. perfect beverage: ice cold diet coke
2. fave fictional character: Ziva (NCIS)--I want to be her
3. most marked characteristic: physical--my eyes; non-physical--brutal honesty
4. trait I most adore in myself: I'm a good problem-solver
5. occasion that makes me lie: when I'm running late (seems like always) I will grossly underestimate how far away I really am
6. how others would describe my laugh: big and contagious
7. tv show on repeat: Snapped
8. movie I love: Dumb and Dumber--and I'm not embarrassed to admit it, even though I should be
9. reality star I wish to be: Kim Kardashian (for mostly shallow reasons)
10. talent: I think I have a real talent for inventing words, but others definitely disagree (I have a couple that I continue to use on a regular basis hoping they will eventually catch on)

mrs. V | Chez V said...

Wen - I can attest to your brutal honesty (one of the things I adore and count on from you) and your gorgeous eyes! BTW - you available for cocktails next Thursday evening? The Highlands somewhere...I will be in town briefly.

Wendy said...

Darn!!! I would love to meet you for cocktails, but I have class on Thursday nights...and I have a test that night so I can't skip. Boo! Class runs until 9:30, so if you're going to be out late, let me know.

By the way, we need to plan a 40th b-day shindig...Herbi and David have asked about it multiple times. Guess they're looking for an excuse to get away :)

Diane B R said...

1. A bloody mary, preferably in the summer, right after a long ride.
2. Scout Finch
3. I have a pretty good memory for names; I blame it on sorority rush, when we had to memorize over 100 names for each rush party.
4. I can make someone laugh, even if they are in a funk.
5. shopping
6. robust
7. Addams Family
8. Clueless
9. Kyle from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
10. Whistling.

Three Sisterz said...

1.cold corona on a hot summer day at the beach after a five mile run.
2.scarlet from gone with the wind
3. hmmmm, my selflessness and my er, nose
4.i'm good at encouraging and giving pep talks
5. i don't because i can't do it at all. i stutter and turn red and then it's just awkward. i will lie by omission though.
6. people would describe my laugh as rare. it's tough to get one out me.
7.any of the real housewives shows
8.dirty dancing
9. bethenny frankel

Kelly Horan said...

1. perfect beverage: Root Beer - a rare treat but always the perfect choice for me
2. fave fictional character: a cross between Sallie Rogers (from the Dick Van Dyke Show) and Susan Fields (from the Paper Chase)
3. most marked characteristic: I'M LOUD
4. trait I most adore in myself: I'm pragmatic
5. occasion that makes me lie: when one of my sisters asks if something looks good on them
6. how others would describe my laugh: LOUD
7. tv show on repeat: Arrested Development
8. movie I love: Pretty much anything from the MST3K series
9. reality star I wish to be: Mike Rowe - Coolest. Job. Ever.
10. talent: I'm crafty (Not like Mrs. V...but I get by!)

Karen Jaffe said...

1. Depending on the day, it wavers between an ice-cold Diet Coke and Veuve Cliquot
2. Tuesday Next
3. My ability to make people laugh.
4. (see #3)
5. On stage
6. Muppetesque
7. Will & Grace
8. Grease II
9. Eden from Toddlers & Tiaras (just kidding...I don't particularly enjoy reality TV)
10. Decorating

mrs. V | Chez V said...

@Karen - Jasper Fforde is among my favorites. I call Pieti Lola Vavoom on occasion for no particular reason other than I love the sound of it...

@Horan - don't sell yourself short, you are very crafty.

@Court - glad that I have had the good fortune to hear that rare thing...