Thumbs Up or Down - Form and Function

My Uniform…

Triple drat.  Mother Nature is not cooperating with my intent to take pictures this morning of the Easter goodies I had lined up for you today.  So I am going to slide my usual Friday style post in today. I am fickle like that…

Today’s TU/D is really about my daily attire.  I tend to be a creature of habit and when I find something that works I put it on repeat.  Since many of my days are spent doing things typical of most stay-at-home folks, my daily uniform tends to be casual.


Although I want to make it clear that I miss the days of dressing up to the nines to go to the office sporting 4 inch heels.  While some relish the prospect of wearing casual/comfy attire everyday, I do not.  I love to get dressed up.  In fact, I will occasionally show up to preschool pick-up in a dress with some animal print cinched at the waist and a colorful heel.  It should also be noted that I never go to the store without lipstick either.

bright color

What can I say?!  As I have mentioned before, I come from a long line of vain women.  My yia yia always said, ‘you never know who you might run into running errands.’  I think Coco Chanel is quoted with something along the same lines.  Vain or not, I simply feel better when I am properly put together.  Even when picking out brussels sprouts.


Although my uniform now tends to fall toward the functional side of the spectrum, my inner tendency to zhush usually comes through in the form of color, pattern, or a really great shoe.  I am an incurable believer of form before function.  So no matter the task, my shoes will always look good even if my feet are killing me.  I was once spotted walking from SoMa to Nob Hill to North Beach in high heels - those tech heads shook their smug heads in disbelief but at least I looked good.

shoes sans heels (and sans socks!)

However, there are times when function prevails and for those times my uniform is some variation of pant/top/ballet flats or driving mocsPlease note that the driving moc is as far as I will go for actual function.  I suppose the uniform is both form (bright colors, patterns, and accessories)  and  function (a shoe without a heel).

ridiculous that I don't have a full length mirror -
and again with the crazy faces!!  bah!

What is your uniform?  Are you Thumbs Up for form or for function?

All photos by me
kisses,  mrs. V


Romance, Romance, Romance said...

I wear a white shirt and jeans nearly every day. When I run errands I just add a jacket (I have lots of colors) with heels or flats. Of course the jewelry I wear defines the look I want to achieve even more and last (but certainly not least) what I do with my hair caps it all off.

ninja for hire said...