Apple Crisps in a Jar

It’s Still All Things in a Jar Over Here

Last year I went mad for all manner of desserts in a jar as party favors.  First I tried mixed berry pies in a jar for Easter.  Then there was the whole cupcakes in a jar thing for a birthday brunch.  Next up was the pesto cum hostess gift in a jar bit.  And the madness just continues.  While everyone else is busy pinning the cutest drink ever in the whole of history in a mason jar - I am still wagging the dessert tail.  I know, I know.  Desserts are so 2010.  And mason jars are so 2011 but they are still proving to be country strong in ‘12.  Jars, I just can’t seem to quit you.


As soon as I began conceiving of desserts in a jar, I have been dying to do mini apple crisps. With Fall on the brain I finally gave in to that temptation island of crisps in a jar.

This go round was purely a trial run to test out cook time and the proper apple to crumb ratio.  Verdict:  I need wide mouth half pint jars (which are typically only available online) and more of each of the apple/crumble ratio as the apples, much like with pie, bake down.  Also, my apple cubes should be a bit smaller.  Once I started paring the apples, my distracto brain sort of forgot that they were going into small jars rather than the standard baking dish.  I blame Alabama Shakes – there may or may not also have been dancing happening at this time. But all in all – I declare a moderate victory.  Believe you me, these will be in the Fall rotation with some lidded burlap and twine action.  But then again, I will have probably moved on to some sort of pumpkin bread/mousse situation in a jar by next week.

Speaking of jars, or rather glass, tune in tomorrow for another one of my etched glass giveaways.

Happy Humps to all you lovely lady lumps.

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kisses, mrs. V


Anonymous said...

I r.e.a.l.l.y want this recipe.
Please make adjustments and post.




Dawn said...

okay, honestly...could you be any more martha stewart? and, your next blog topic -- how you get all this amazing stuff done & still feed your family, clean your house & play with your kids. Great job!

Three Sisterz said...

love the jars! do ever use vintage ones? i love vintage jars!