ORC WK 3 - Master Makeover Updates

It’s humpty hump week of the One Room Challenge Link Up which means it is WK3 - the official half-way point and I am officially panicking.  The dew is off my dreamy rose of ambition and the reality of re-doing a room top to tail in a mere 6 weeks is setting  in.  So yes, moving swiftly past panic and into advanced panic town.

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To refresh memories, this is the original board I put together.

Gonna be real honest.  This week has sort of been a hot mess.  Project Chinoisy Safari Chic Master Makeover is going to be a down to the wire  kind of show.  Mainly due to paintmaggedon aka The Sandlot.  At least we have made some more progress on the walls – skim coat is happening.  So much relies upon getting the damn room painted.  Can’t really move stuff in, around, or hang up until the painting is finished.  And most people finished their painting in WK1.  Eep.

So in true panicky fashion, I spent most of the week shopping.  Oh and I did finish another run of my blockprinted fantastical dragon beastie fabric for lumbar pillows in the room.  Because, in the interest of transparency, I just can't afford the gorgeous Dana Gibson pillows right now in the big scheme of cost.

Good, no?   No, because I realized upon printing that I don’t really like the fabric I used (not the right weight or color but what I had on hand).  To add insult to injury, when I went to my locally owned go-to fabric place today to pick up some down inserts for the lumbar pillows they would not sell them to me.  WTF?!  As in they did not have the size I wanted in stock and would not order them for me, a repeat customer with money in hand, until, and I quote the manager here, ‘until we have sold more of our poly-filled inserts.’  Which, not surprisingly, they had a multitude in stock, because almost NO ONE wants poly-filled inserts.  Note to local fabric store: it is no wonder you almost went out of business once in spite of having the best local selection of designer fabric.  So now I have a new plan for the lumbars that will save me pillow-making time but involves more block printing and hand painting.  Two steps forward and threes steps back.  And now we’re doing the design cha cha.

Any who, all was not lost as I made a mad dash to IKEA to pick up some plain Ritva drape panels for the room that I planned to fancy up with some trim.  Everything was fine and dandy sandy until I got all hopped up on IKEA oxygen which is a lot like Target oxygen and I came out with a lot of other stuff and not even the Ritva panels.  Those cute pink Christmas ornaments were too cute to pass up. I am also blaming the humpty hump WK3 panic because instead I picked up some floral chinzty numbers a la Buatta even though I swore to keep most everything in the room neutral b/c of the deep richness of the paint.  Well…we’ll see how that decision plays out because it might even be a little too flashy for me.  The mr. will think I have plum lost me marbles. 

On to the next dilemma, sconces.  The original plan involved me and the mr. constructing our own.  Reality is killing that crafty buzz so I am on the hunt for affordable sconces with little to no lead time.  And Dear Lord, while we’re praying for miracles I would also like to be 115 pounds soaking wet.  Speaking of miracles, I came across the most perfect solution to my sconce problem today while at IKEA.  Let me introduce you to Ranarp

Perfect balance of vintage industrial vibe for me.  At a whopping price tag of $19.99.  I started to salivate.  Then I started to hyperventilate when I realized they are all sold out.  Of course they are.  I promptly sent out an SOS to the social media gods of Instagram promising all sorts of soul-signing-over stuff if anyone could locate 2 for me in their local IKEA store.  Then I made nicey with the customer service dude.  Turns out, Ranarps are in-store purchases only and they are sold out EVERYWHERE.  Except a few in the Houston IKEA and some in the Paramus NJ store.  So, here’s where you come in – PLEASE, I am not above begging.  Any of you have peeps in either Houston or near Paramus who would be willing to pick 2 up and ship them to me?!  Actually, make that 4 b/c I found out my homeslice Elizabeth has been hunting for 2 as well.

Never one to end things on a Debbie Downer note, I do have some lovely to share with you.  I scored some Jonathan Adler foo lamps for the bedside tables on a DEEP in-store discount (less than the online sale price).  

They only had one but a rockstar associate at JC Penny was able to order me a second one at the same price which arrived today.  Not the original plan but it was love at first sight and I just could. not. walk. away.  However, true to my fickle self, the shades just weren’t really doing anything for me.  The scale just seemed a little wimpy and twee.  So I am swapping them out with some dark grayish-black numbers that I like better.  Oops – except the ring size is a tad too large for the collar so I have to rig something up to fix that – hence my minion model balancing the shade.  

So even though I ran around like a crazy person this week with nothing on the brain except this ORC, I feel like I have little to show for it.  Let’s recap:

Last but certainly not least, I will leave you with a little teaser of the real showstopper.

I know, right?!

Don’t forget to check in on the other participants today!

kisses,  mrs. V


Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

Week 3 is the official week of panic. I got almost nothing done.

I am extra sad because I neeeeeed your handprinted fabric in my room. Its awesome.

Kim said...

Way to score on the lamps ... and the oxygen thing ... I think you are on to something! Love the foo, the Ranarp and the Chandy!! xo

A room with a view said...

It is unbelievable what the store did to you - never heard of such customer service! Great looking lamps and the show-stopper is stunning!

Julia Ryan said...

you're so freaking awesome. That block-printed fabric? Divine. Those lamps? They're making me swoon. Which is pretty big for 8am. LOVE!

Unknown said...

Great stuff! I would be frustrated with your local fabric store too. But never fear, great deals on lumbar pillows can be had at TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Homegood, just swap out the covers! I do it all of the time. Good luck with the finish!

House of Pemberley said...

This post cracked me up! Love love love the lamps and the sneak peak of the chandelier.

Tricia said...

Oh my gosh - this room is going to be so absolutely fabulous when it's complete! I'm with this being an official week of panic, but I think every week is going to be panic mode from here on out!

Andrea said...

Those foo dog lamps are fabulous!!! And that crystal chandelier tease... I cannot wait! I am so excited to see your gorgeous bedroom!!

The Glam Pad

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

You know how to end on a high note, that is a yummy sneak peak! I've got my fingers crossed that a big shipment of those lights comes in somewhere or we find an IKEA angle to help us out. Hell, I'd even settle for one of the lights. Love your JA foo btw.

Unknown said...

OMG - I've got to read your blog posts more often! You are so freakin' funny and what is even funnier to me, is that I think along the same lines! "Target oxygen and IKEA oxygen"!
Loved you at Dana Gibson....but, in all honesty, the dragon block print is pretty fab! You seem to do well in a pinch, so I'm not too worried about your challenge!
Pittsburgh has an IKEA....

alison giese Interiors said...

Awww, amiga, I would totes go into that ridic huge Ikea in Houston if I were still in TX. I have an Ikea run to make myself, and am trying to do the pregame prep for it.

Love where you're going with it all - block print especially. Hurry up, damn drywall!!

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

Girlfriend, I'm salivating! your accessories and lighting are remarkable. I hope you get your sconces. i had no idea those were from ikea!

Alyson said...

I love those lamps. I have been eyeing them at jcp. Good score.

Rebecca { MyDarlingHouse} said...

Those sconces are KILLER!! Hope you get them!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

Time to start drinking.....just kidding, but I will. Most people painted in week 1 because they did not need to rebuild their walls. You are over the top ambitious. Love the lamps and the tease. Hang in there. Your block printing rocks.

Patty Rumaker said...

I think the owners of the fabric store have lost their minds. Great finds on that lamp and I agree with the lamp shade. J.C. Penny sure has changed - lets hope they can make it. I love the little bits you are showing of that crystal chandelier - I love chandeliers.
Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

Christine @ Suburban Charm said...

If I were in Houston or NJ I would get the lamps for you....I have had the same thing happen to me with a set of glasses from IKEA....so frustrating when the PERFECT thing is out of reach! I am sure one of our great ORC blogger friends will come through!

Great post! Looking forward to next week!!!

Anonymous said...

Such a hilarious post! I am really digging everything from the dragons to the chintz and the industrial lighting. I think they will all fit together oh so perfectly!!


Vel Criste said...

I wish I could help you out, totally understand your dilemma on the lighting. The fabric you did looks great to me, but I know for what your envisioning, it might now work. At least you got lucky with the Foo dogs!

Carrie said...

The fabric is impressive, whether it's the right material or not, it's just gorgeous. I hope you get the sconces shipped to you. I can't wait to see more of the teaser-showstopper.

Unknown said...

woah woah woah the Ranarps are sold out everywhere?! Please say no. I might cry. I totally planned on frolicking over to IKEA this weekend to pick them up for my playspace.

Regardless, I like the floralness and can't wait to see them hung . Also can't wait to see that glitzy, shiny, beauty of a teaser.


Unknown said...

I have the same foo dog lamps and I'm with you in that the shades that came with them are so wimpy! Where did you get your dark ones? The size ratio is so much better!