mrs. V Answers the V'ROUST Questionnaire

This is What I am Willing to Admit…

What is your idea of the perfect beverage?  A Nuevo Laredo Cantina frozen margarita, no salt, circa 2001 because this being the ‘perfect’ beverage, I would also like a bit of my twenties back to contend with the wicked hangover it produces.

Who is your favorite fictional character?  Mame Dennis.

What is your most marked characteristic? My dramatic enthusiasm which usually presents itself either as clumsiness or long, detailed stories of that legendary clumsiness.

What trait do you most adore in yourself?  My sense of humor.

On what occasion do you lie?  When asked how long it will take me to get ready – once I was 5 hours late to a date with mr. V – it is nothing short of a miracle that we are married because he is very prompt.

How would others describe your laugh?  Raucous and insane sounding.

If you were locked in a rubber room with only one tv show on repeat, which one would you most preferAny from Masterpiece Theater, but preferably Downton Abbey or Pride and Prejudice (the Colin Firth version).

What movie do you truly love but are embarrassed to admitDevil Wears Prada and Deuce Bigelow.

Which reality star do you secretly wish to be?  Contenders include:  Ricky Gervais for his complete irreverence and b/c An Idiot Abroad lands him squarely in the ‘reality’ genre; Mary McDonald for her design skills but more for her friendship with Nathan Turner;  Zoila Chavez, who wouldn’t want to get paid to watch telenovellas all day?  Ellen DeGeneres (a cameo on a Bravo show qualifies her) for wisely scooping up the insanely funny Bethenney Frankel; or Jeremy Clarkson whose unending jibes at James May never get old not to mention all the sexy cars he gets paid to drive.

What talent do you think you have, but others would disagree?  At one time it would have been ‘whistling’, but I am now well aware that all those years spent practicing the Andy Griffith theme were totally in vain.  So now I would have to say my ‘acting’ skills.  I have always known that I was made for the stage.  However, I am slowly coming to realize that whenever I get in front of a camera my nuanced characters are more like Catherine O‘Hara’s Sheila Albertson from Waiting For Guffman than Meryl Streep’s Miranda Priestly.  In retrospect, I am thinking that all those leading roles in grade school and high school productions had more to do with my photographic memory and less to do with my natural ability to embody a character.  But I am banking on my exuberant theatricality to pay off big time when Andy Cohen comes knocking.

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kisses,  mrs. V


Craft said...

Ziola is hands down the best part of Flipping Out. I would probably want to be Jeff but I should probably answer the questionaire before making that statement. Your answers made me smile for many reasons :)

mrs. V | Chez V said...

Hola Craft. I was going thru old pictures today, half of which are you and I with faces smashed together, backwards baseball caps, and very red lips. The 90's were not a good time for fashion...

xoxo Nickell aka mrs. V

Three Sisterz said...

I love your laugh and sense of humor!