Kids Say the Darndest Things

Or Empirical Evidence That My Daughter Was Not Switched at Birth

Comments made recently by my 4 year old…

10.  ‘the trash peeps are here’
  9.  ‘don’t change the object!’
  8.  ‘this is the life’  floating on a raft in a private pool
  7.  ‘oooooh, French peanut butter!’ upon discovering a jar of natural peanut butter in the fridge
  6.  ‘seriously, that is random, momma’  with eyes rolling
  5.  ‘why don’t you ask God how to control the world?’
  4.  ‘it’s quite delicious, momma.  Like infiniti good’
  3.  ‘those pants make you look skinny’  thank you!
  2.  ‘I love this whole situation’ with arms circling over my friend’s outfit

  and the NUMBER one reason the apple don’t fall far from the tree…

  1.  ‘Momma, I think it’s time I had my own antique’

kisses, mrs. V


Dawn said...

Literally laughing out loud!!! #2...oh my word!!!!
never met her, but still give her a good squeeze for me, she sounds marvelous!

ninja for hire said...

My P. moment from this summer...when she put her hand on my arm as the dog came outside and said "I know you're scared...this makes me scared too." Then when I asked if I should run away, she said "You should leave when you're ready."


mrs. V | Chez V said...

Exactly, Ninja. I just told her you left a funny comment and she said, with a lovely little smile, 'I remember her, we had breadsticks together.' How she remembered those skinny crunchy sticks from the antipasto platter is beyond me. When are you coming back for some porch perching? I need to hear all about the gig!

Anonymous said...

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alison giese Interiors said...

How do you ever keep a straight face?