Tales From the Projects - Monogram Pillow Tutorial

This is What Happens When Leontine Linens Proves to Be Out of the Budget

Go to Ikea.  Find a white(ish) Ritva pillow cover and a 20 x 20 down insert.  Create a monogram and some sort of flourish – I went with a laurel motif.  Trace onto freezer paper.  Spend an entire afternoon cutting out all the laurel leafs.  Pain in the patoots – why did I need to fancy it up?!  Iron on and paint with fabric paint of choice.  I used marine blue and watered it down a smidge.  Let dry.  Open a jug of wine and bask in your crafty monogram glory.  Seriously, it was a jug.  Not in the econo-value-wino way, but in the bottle-is-not-glass way.


Super simple except that it’s not.  Cutting those flourishes with a dull exacto sort of cramped my DIY mojo.  But I worked it out.  I planned to do a pair for the bed but I am wondering if I want to cut those leaves out again…maybe the couch?

NOTES:  a tighter woven fabric would have yielded even crisper results.  The Ritva pillow fabric is pebbled so it takes a lot of elbow grease to get all the nooks and crannies.  Keep the design relatively simple if you plan to do multiples.

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kisses, mrs. V

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